Eurorack - Expert Sleepers Disting Ex

In perfect condition.

I am in Dublin/Coolock/Terenure every two weeks.

Multifunction module

The Expert Sleepers Super Disting EX Plus α is much more than a double Disting Mk4 with a large display. Ultimately, it combines an incredible number of primary and secondary functions of a modular system in one module. The module is designed for audio processing (delay, reverb...), CV generation (envelopes, LFOs...), CV processing (slew limiter, quantizer...) and audio generation (VCOs, WAV player...). Also you have the choice whether the Super Disting EX Plus α should be operated in dual mode or more extensive single mode.

Several new features since Disting Mk4

Brand new additions are the eight-voice polyphonic sample player, a great stereo tape delay based on Expert Sleepers' own development "Augustus Loop" and a special WAV recording mode.

Included sounds

The included 32GB microSD card contains extensive material: from SPITFIRE AUDIO there are 44 sample sets specially prepared for the Expert Sleepers Super Disting EX Plus α. GOLDBABY also provides 27 sets with different samples (drum, synth, FX). ADVENTURE KID provides 50 new wavetables from the "AKESWF Collection" for the oscillator models.

Expandable concept

Via various slots on the board, the supermodule can be equipped with MIDI in- and outputs expanded by eight CV or Gate outputs, and supplemented by another eight connections for transport such as clock, sync and further MIDI outputs.

The Expert Sleepers Super Disting EX Plus α:

Eurorack module

Multifunctional module

Brand new algorithms

Fully DC coupled

All inputs and outputs handle CV and audio signals

Single and dual mode

Increased sample rate (96kHz)

More RAM (for e.g. longer delays)

Reduced latency

OLED display

MicroSD card slot

Expandable with expander modules

8 TE width / 50 mm depth

+12 V: 229 mA / -12V: 

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1 month
@Mickolos I can deliver if you are in Wexford,otherwise I can have in the post tomorrow.
1 month
@Mickolos: €350 OFFER ACCEPTED
1 month
Can you accept and PM me for my address? It would be great if you could deliver today.
1 month
Worth a shot 😉 - Okay full price then
1 month
@Mickolos Sorry,no can do.I can include postage but price is full for now.
1 month
I can do 300 if you're interested?
1 month
@Mickolos Back in Wexford.Can post.
1 month
You mentioned you'll be in Dublin yesterday. I wonder if you're still in Dublin and have this module with you?
1 month
@Mickolos Thanks,but i'm getting out of Eurorack for now.Need the money.
1 month
I'd be interested in this if you're interested if any of my modules?
1 month
@legosaurus Are you still interested in Ex Sleepers?.Will be in Dublin tomorrow.
1 month
Price includes postage
1 month
1 month
@legosaurus I can reserve item until next week but I won't be able to accept offer until then.Thanks
1 month
Ok. Accept that offer so and then I can PM. I’ll be sorting this out middle of next week if that’s ok. Thanks.
1 month
@legosaurus Yes I will.
1 month
Yes that’s about right. You’ll include that in sale?
1 month
@legosaurus Postage €8.30 - Trackable & Signed proof of delivery.
1 month
@legosaurus Let me calculate postage costs and see what I can cover.What street address is it going to? Thanks