Huawei mate 20 prob

Huawei mate 20 pro
###PLEASE READ #########
phone is about 2 months old
Factory unlocked
Small crack in corner of screen does not affect phone what so ever let it fall while cleaning screen only time it was out of cover, this crack will not get bigger and will never affect phone what so ever so if little crack don't bother you great, prob best phone out to date 2 day battery and charger in let's than an hour brilliant camera and so on,
Phone is genuine and working perfect
Check my feedback for piece of mind

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Leighlinbridge, Carlow
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2 months ago

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Comments & Offers
5 months
@Alan_Pole no thanks lad
5 months
any plans for Dublin? €400
5 months
@synth1 this is my first and to be honest I'll never go back so Samsung,
5 months
I dont know I never had Huawei to be honest :)
5 months
@synth1 it's 128 and 6gb nt sure about SIM how would I find out
5 months
its 128gb/6gb or 128gb/4gb ? and dual sim ?
5 months
@Alan_Pole odd time nothing planned dough
5 months
ever in dublin?
5 months
@zax4 no problem thanks
5 months
Hey thanks for ur offer but it's to much to be honest if was broken from the back yes i will accept it but because its in the screen i know I'm not gonna be happy woth it 350 i thinks is the max i will pay for it i have my p20 on the withdraw if u want and some cash ur way thanks.
5 months
@zax4 450 we can have a deal phone is Perfect any test welcome
6 months
@yacinebbs not a hope thanks for offer, I'm using phones very same can hardly even notice crack, I'll keep phone if I don't get close to asking price, it's honestly perfect best phone I ever had and trust me I had a lot of phones
6 months
@zax4 I understand that but it don't need new screen phone is perfect, it's not like it's broke and screen don't work it's just small crack I'm using it all week it's perfect
6 months
But screen cost nearly 300 , that's way i offer u 300 sorry about that
6 months
@zax4 not a hope but thanks for offer
6 months
Cash this evening