Grow Tent Grow Indoor Box, Grow Tent, Greenhouse, Cabinet for Plant Cultivation

Grow Tent Grow Indoor Box, Grow Tent, Greenhouse, Cabinet for Plant Cultivation Grow Tent Grow Indoor Box, Grow Tent, Greenhouse, Cabinet for Plant Cultivation Other Home & Garden
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With a size of 120x120x200 cm, this mobile greenhouse is perfect for growing and growing plants of all kinds.

Flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables can now be cultivated regardless of the weather and year with this practical grow tent. With the help of a hydroponic grow cabinet, you can create the perfect climatic conditions for each plant and thus the best possible growth behaviour.

The large entrance is conveniently opened via a 2-way zipper and offers the best access and plenty of freedom of movement to care for the plant shoots. A hook keeps the entrance open when needed. The grow tent has 2 waterproof floors. One shelf is firmly sewn to the outer cover of the cabinet, the second shelf is a removable and easy-to-clean floor foil in the form of a tub. Both floors offer the best protection against moisture and dirt on your room floor.

Depending on the type of plant and the environmental conditions required, it is also possible to install lighting systems (heat and grow lights) and ventilation systems in this grow box. There are sufficient access points for technology and pipes as well as suspension points for lamps. Through the round openings, pipes for supply and exhaust air, power cables and other accessories can be routed inside the grow tent. These technical accesses have double drawstrings that enclose the equipment brought in airtight and any odours that arise remain inside. The indoor climate can also be controlled via large supply air flaps. These fans have a fine-mesh mosquito net that keeps pests and vermin out and a Velcro cover for closing.

The opaque fabric cover made of 600D Oxford polyester and the highly reflective inner material made of aluminium have been specially developed for the use of indoor greenhouses. The black outer cover is 99.5% opaque. The highly reflective aluminium coating on the inside of the grow tent ensures an effective light reflection of almost 95% and promotes effective plant growth.

The frame of the extension cabinet is made of strong 16mm tubular steel rods and ensures the best stability. The frame can be assembled without tools. With the help of corner connectors made of robust ABS plastic, the frame of the plant cabinet is easily plugged together. Of course, illustrated assembly instructions are included and the assembly only takes a few minutes.

The perfect complement: also offers round grow bag plant bags and hanging plant walls in different sizes, combine them to match your grow tent. As a substrate for growing and cultivating in a grow bag, we recommend our premium cultivation and potting soil made of high-quality coconut fibre.

Great access

In order to be able to care for your plants comfortably and easily, the nursery offers a large entrance area that extends over the front and left side.

Best materials

The fabric cabinet is made of a very robust 600D Oxford material on the outside, which is provided with a highly reflective aluminum coating on the inside. In this combination, the fabric is opaque on the outside and offers 95% light reflection on the inside.

Equipment and vents

The mobile greenhouse offers various closable openings to ventilate the interior or to install technical equipment.

Double bottom

The grow box has 2 floors. A removable tarpaulin in the shape of a tub and a firmly sewn-on bottom. Best protection against dirt and moisture for your floor.

Robust frame

The steel frame of the grow tent is extremely sturdy. The tubular steel rods are protected from rust by a black powder coating. The corner connectors are made of unbreakable ABS plastic.

2-way zipper

The greenhouse access is equipped with a smooth-running zipper of size 10, it also offers a 2-way function.

Equipment openings with double drawstring

Several round openings allow the installation of technical equipment. These are made of double-layered material and have 2 drawstrings to be sealed as airtight as possible. Size and number of openings, see drawing.

Equipment access from the outside

Through the entrances, various aids such as a ventilation system, irrigation system and power cables for lighting can be routed inside the grow tent.

Lockable ventilation surface

The ventilation areas are provided with a fine mosquito net so that vermin and pests cannot penetrate. The surfaces can be completely closed with the cover.


• Floor area: 120 x 120 cm• Height: 200 cm

• Weight: 12 kg
The number, size and location of the technical entrances as well as the ventilation openings can be found in the drawing.

Material Specifications

• 100% polyester, aluminium coated

• 16mm steel poles

• Plastic connectors



• impermeable to water vapour

• Rot-resistant

• Easy to clean

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