Recording Studio time for vocals, guitar or keys on private setup

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Recording Studio time for vocals, guitar or keys on private setup


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I would like to offer you recording time if you don't have any option to record certain things at home. I have a small setup at home where I record my stuff: vocals, guitars, keys. I also program drums.

I can help you record raw vocals, guitars or keys on my equipment if you have no access to anything. I record all my songs on this setup and you can find the tracks on Spotify, YouTube and everywhere that things are being streamed. Just look for Silence So Sweet. Here is my channel and stuff recorded on the setup:

I use Logic Pro and the following hardware:
- MXL 990
- Scarlet Solo 2nd gen audio interface
- Fender American Strat HSS stock
- Basic Alesis Q49 Midi controller with expression pedal for keys
- Sony MDR 7506 monitor headphones
- Alesis Monitor speakers

It's more than enough for me for what I want so if you want to book some time it would be €25 per hour on the weekends. That's for helping you setup and record. Now if you would like mixing, editing, etc. that's a different conversation but I can help wherever I can. You can ask if you have any questions.

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