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Tallaght, Dublin

Hi. I'm Jack and I will be your companion.
I am 37 years old white male, European. 176 cm tall, 80 kg. Fit. I'm calm, serious, trustworthy, and clean. I am a leader. I am loyal, friendly, smart, and honest. I don't care about your looks, gender, age, race or anything others may have judged you for in the past. I don't care if you have 100 friends or none at all. I know you are not perfect. I am not perfect. Nobody is. And that's perfectly normal. I understand that sometimes all we need is just someone close by. Someone you can trust. Someone, you can be your true self around. Now you have found that person. That person is me.

This is a unique opportunity for you to have a friend for an hour/day/weekend. I will listen to you. I will not judge you. I know how to keep secrets. I may or may not give any advice but I will be there for you. I provide an exclusive one-on-one service for you when you need me the most. Service includes but is not limited to:
-Collecting you or dropping you off from your desired address (vehicle registered in your name must be provided)
-Walking. Anywhere. I will accompany you wherever you go.
-Eating in/out. I will accompany you. (Meals, beverages, etc at your expense)
-Meetings. If you need to talk to someone before or after an important meeting, I'll be there for you.
- Travelling. We can go see places. (Ireland only. If accommodation needs to be booked, a separate room must be booked at your expense)
-Driving. I can be your driver (vehicle registered in your name required. Petrol, parking, tolls, food, etc. at your expense)
-Fitness. We'll do classes, gym, yoga, or any other physical activity together. (If admission to a gym or other venue is not free, it is at your expense)
-Any other activity you may think of, provided it is legal and harms nobody. Must be discussed upon booking.
1 hour -75 Euro
1 day (9am to 23.59pm) -500 Euro
Weekend (9 am Saturday to 23.59 pm Sunday)- 1000 Euro.
Getting to/from booked address is 25 euro per hour. I am located in Dublin South so if you wish to book a 2 hours dinner at your place in Bray, for example, there may be a 25/50 Euro extra fee for transportation, depending on the traffic conditions.
All payments through Revolut in advance and no refunds will be issued.
All bookings must be discussed first, i.e. type of activity, length of time, etc
Any special requirements you may have for me such as type of clothes to wear, perfume, etc must be agreed on and hired/purchased at your expense in advance.

Very important!
I'm not a clown, I will not entertain you. I am not a servant, I will not do work for you. I'm not an escort, therefore no intimate physical activity of any sort is provided. I'm not a criminal therefore no criminal activity of any sort will be tolerated. However, I am your friend, your mate, your pal, your companion, your Amigo.
All bookings are on one on one basis. If you would like me to accompany you to a party or large gathering please contact me as prices will be different for such events.
Your ID and everything associated with it will remain strictly confidential.
Please also note that bookings are extremely limited. So plan in advance and contact me for available dates.
Remember, nothing is worse than being on your own when you need a friend. See you soon.
Jack. Your Amigo.
Any abusive or otherwise inappropriate behavior towards One Hour Amigo will not be tolerated and will have the contract terminated immediately with no refunds issued!
For more info search One Hour Amigo on FB

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Tips on choosing a service

  • Contact a few service providers and compare prices/quotes
  • Know exactly what you are getting for your money
  • Get quote in writing and ask for references
  • Know your rights, visit the CCPC website
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