Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Kinds of Machines CE Power Supply UK Plug With Carry Case

Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Kinds of Machines CE Power Supply UK Plug With Carry Case Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Kinds of Machines CE Power Supply UK Plug With Carry Case Other Health & Beauty
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About this item
4 Pro Coil tattoo machine : Fine Lining Machine Coloring Machine Lining Machine and Shader Machine
54 bottles of colorful practice tattoo inks. colors, bright and safe to star your tattoo work
Disposable tattoo gloves,different kinds of tips etc let you have a great tattoo experience
Professional tattoo kit, working voltage at 6V-12V, one-year warranty
CE Certification LCD Power Supply System.

Warning and Disclaimer If you are a tattoo artist, it’s no problem to use Tattoo equipment. But if you are a tattoo beginner, please pay attention to the following warning tips: 1. Before starting to tattoo yourself or others, please read the Instruction Manual carefully, the Instruction Manual in Tattoo Kit could tell you how to star a tattoo. You can also check more teaching Videos on facebook or twitter. 2. As a tattoo beginner, you should practice your design first on practice skins or on pears, apples, or something similar to human skin. This practice is necessary to improve your tattoo skills. You should have enough tattoo skills before tattooing on human skin, tattoo on human skin is permanent. 3. Before tattooing on your body, please make a Pigment Patch Test for the tattoo inks, if there are allergic reactions on test skin, please stop use the pigment and contact us for help. No matter which brand pigment you are willing to use, the Pigment Patch Test is necessary. Pigment Patch Test: a. Using soap & water or alcohol, clean small area of skin in inner forearm. b. Apply small amount of pigment to the area and allow it to dry. c. After 24 hours, wash with soap & water. d. If no irritation or inflammation is apparent. It may be assumed no hypersensitivity to the pigment exists. e. Test before application. 4. Please take in mind you should keep your body health before tattooing. A week body, such as drunk, catching a cold, or any other sickness, can’t be done tattooing on body. It may result your body too week to recover your tattoo parts. And you should keep your body health after tattoo as well. 5. Normally, the tattoo skin may take 5-10 days recover. Please keep the skin dry during the recover. Bathing, drinking, strenuous exercise is prohibited. 6. If you have any trouble or confuse to use our products, please contact Solong Tattoo directly.PLS NOTICE:MACHINE WORKS UNDER 12 VOLTAGE!

4 x 10 wrap coils tattoo machine for liner and shader. runs faster to create fine and precise line work. has higher power to penetrate deep into the skin, creating vibrant and lasting color.

A starter tattoo kit includes all tattoo supplies: tattoo machines, tattoo ink, tattoo needles, power supply, clip cord, foot pedal, ink caps, tips, grommets, o-rings, rubber bands,etc.
1 Set 54 full colors
1 bottle True Black Tattoo Ink

1)Ink has been micro-dispersed to make it much easier to use

2)Heal faster, less scabbing which results in less scarring and the skin retaining more pigment.

3)Can make a far sharper and brighter image.

4)All of inks are vegan friendly and contain no animal products, no any harmful substances.

5)All inks are positive colors and sterilized by gamma ray, reliable to use

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