Storage unit

storage unit with a slightly water damaged shelf(as shown in picture). I need this to be gone as soon as possible (can be collected on weekends). Dimensions 110 cm length 54 cm wide 56 cm height

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Max Otten
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Rathcool, Cork
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1 month ago

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1 month
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1 month
@inc21: Hey so the other dude just stopped getting back to me so if you still want it you can come and take it
1 month
Hi I’m sorry for commenting again. Not disputing your decision or giving out. I’ve had a bit of trouble with Adverts app before so your comment was bugging me. Got on to Adverts and this is their reply: Hi there,

Thank you for your email.

I looked into this and it shows that your offer appears to be made first. However, it is not against the rules for a seller to choose who they wish to give their item to. It is not a first come first served basis so they are entitled to choose who they wish to give their item to.
1 month
@inc21: As I said on my browser your comment shows up first but it says that the other was earlier not sure why, anyway i will let you know if the other person doesn't want it anymore.
1 month
Unless Adverts is playing tricks on us it’s completely other way around. Logged on first thing in the morning. Your item had no requests. Put in my request and close to 2h later they also requested your item. No you are giving this away for free and it’s yours to give away so you don’t need more hassle. Anyway best of luck, hope it works out.
1 month
@inc21: yeah i get you yours shows up first but yours says 8 hrs ago and his says 9 hrs. Look im only trying to be fair and can only talk about whats on my screen
1 month
Not picking a fight or anything but unless they texted you outside Adverts My request was first.
1 month
Ye I can make it on the weekend no problem
1 month
I'm available on saturday after 6pm and all day sunday so if that suits karol16 (since they requested first) ill give it to the m if not inc21 can take it
1 month
I don’t mind coming up any evening that suits you or all day Sunday.
1 month
Ye I can take it weekend
1 month
Im free on weekends so if you wnat to take it then that would be perfect
1 month