Antique Furniture from The Kennedy Homes.

William and Mary style group of painted furniture from the Kennedy Family Homes purchased at Sotheby’s Auction House, New York City. This stunning group of furniture is depicted on Sotheby’s catalogue for this auction. Catalogue included in sale.
A great bargain for collectors.

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Robert 1h
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Templemore, Tipperary
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1 week ago

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Comments & Offers
3 weeks
Thank You
3 weeks
Thanks. I'll leave my offer there, you will probably not get any higher. Do you know the Kennedy's had 30 plus family homes/houses so a lot of furniture
3 weeks
Thank you for your interest however your bid is far too low.
3 weeks
Thanks for getting back to me. The max I can go is €600 which is a fair price for this. You may have paid more for this at auction but people get carried away at these auctions. I'm not too far from your location so can collect. Many thanks, J.
3 weeks
Your bid is far too low
3 weeks
I can offer €500 please. I can collect. Thanks
4 weeks
Any photos
1 month
@One two
I do not have any right now however I can photograph them later this afternoon.
1 month
Have you pics of them as they are now?
1 month
Ahhhhh bless 3,500 Euro .