Soldering Iron Kit, 60W 220V Welding Tool Adjustable Temperature, Digital Multimeter, Soldering Iron Tips, Desoldering Pump.

Soldering Iron Kit, 60W 220V Welding Tool Adjustable Temperature, Digital Multimeter, Soldering Iron Tips, Desoldering Pump. Soldering Iron Kit, 60W 220V Welding Tool Adjustable Temperature, Digital Multimeter, Soldering Iron Tips, Desoldering Pump. Other Electronics
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【Temperature Control】SREMTCH Soldering irons come with temperature control from 200 to 450℃. You can increase or decrease the temperature according to your soldering task and much more suitable and convenient for soldering beginner to use
【Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch】SREMTCH Soldering Iron Kit provide you with soldering iron Gun equipped with ON/OFF Switch on the power cord, which is convenient and safe for you to do soldering DIY work
【Heat Up Quickly】SREMTCH 60w 220V soldering iron heats up very fast with inner-heated ceramic induction technology and also good for the temperature stability when using; The four ventilation holes on the soldering iron gun provide better heat dissipation, which can extend its lifespan
【Well-Equipped Accessories】SREMTCH Soldering Iron Kit include 5*Soldering Iron Tips,1*Desoldering Pump, 1*Tube Solder Wire, 1*Soldering Station, 1*Multimeter, 1*Screwdriver, 2*Anti-Static Tweezers, 1*Wire Cutter, 1*Utility Knife, 1*Insulation Tape, 1*PU Carry Bag
【Soldering Iron Tip & Solder Wire】SREMTCH Soldering Iron Kit provide you with 5 interchangeable Soldering Iron Tips (900M-TSeries), the diameter of which is respectively 5mm, 3mm, 2.4mm, 1.2mm, 0.2mm; and Solder Wire with Flux Rosin Core Tin Lead and coming in a coil in a plastic tube and Diameter: 0.031 inch (0.8mm), 75mm long, melting point: 183℃
【Wide Application】Micro soldering kit solders electronic circuit boards,Home DIY hobbyists,appliance repair,computer,jewelry and metal headdress. Very suitable for electronics hobbyist or beginner study electronic engineering.

On / OFF switch
The soldering iron is equipped with an approx. 140 cm long power cable.

About 23 cm away from the soldering iron along the cable there is practical on or off switch with which you can quickly switch the device off and on again during work without having to pull the plug from the socket.

4 dissipation holes
With the small vents at the base of the tip holder, it cools down pretty quickly.

Easy to use and replacement of welding tips in 1 minute;

Do not set the highest temperature for a long time during welding to extend the life of the welding tips.

1. It is important to keep the tip of the soldering iron clean while using it;

2. DO NOT place the soldering iron on a surface, but should place it on a stand after each use or seal it with a heat-resistant cap;

3. The tip of a soldering iron is very hot. Please be sure to wear safety glasses, keep loose clothing and hair out of the way, and be careful with your fingers;

4. Rest every 10 minutes, it's good for your eyes and soldering iron.

SREMTCH 60W 220V Soldering Iron Kit
Soldering Iron Kit
SREMTCH Soldering Iron Kit Provide You with:
Soldering Pencil with better Heat Dissipation: four ventilation holes and steel-pipe design;

Heat Up Quickly: heat-up time requires less than a minute;

Silicon padding on the handle provides a comfortable grip, making the iron much safer to use without the risk of burning user's fingers;

Temperature Control: small dial on the handle that controls temperature (200-450 degrees centigrade);

Convenient ON/OFF Switch;

Desoldering Pump: useful tool to disassemble electronic components from the printed circuit boards;

PU Carry Bag: easy and convenient to carry and organize your tools

Soldering Iron Tips
Soldering Iron Tips
You need to figure which style of tip is best for your project;

In addition you need to determine the correct tip size;

Never use too much pressure; you may damage the tip or the board;

To prevent oxidation apply a thin layer of solder to the tip after you finish soldering

Soldering Iron Holder
Soldering Iron Holder
Coiled springs to protect users and work from burns and damage;

Sponge for tip cleaning;

Metal base for stability and durability

Practical and Convenient
Practical and Convenient
Switch ON/OFF on the soldering iron: no need to unplug the outlet, just need to turn it off by switch if you don't want to use it. Not only save energy but also keep your welding safe;

Easily adjust the temperature with a simple turn of the knob and make you soldering work with precision and efficiency

SREMTCH soldering iron set is a simple type - suitable for beginners.

SREMTCH soldering iron is a hand tool for soldering. Soldering iron supplies heat to the fusible link so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces.

Soldering Irons More advanced irons for use in electronics have a mechanism with a temperature sensor and a method of temperature control to keep the tip temperature constant.


Remove the back cover of the multimeter and insert the AAA battery (battery not included).
Please be very careful when using the tools to avoid stitches or other injuries. Better to keep them in a place that children cannot reach.
The iron heats up quickly. Therefore, choose a suitable temperature. Long work and high temperatures can shorten the service life.
Do not leave the iron idling at operating temperatures for long periods of time. This could burn the soldering iron and other things.
Take a break every 10 minutes, it's good for your eye and soldering iron.
Welding tips:
SREMTCH Soldering Iron Set Specification:

Working Voltage: 220V

Power: 60W

Cable Length: 140cm/55.12inch

Temperature Range: 200℃-450℃ (392℉-842℉)

Weight: 140g (4.94 oz)

Solder Wire Diameter: 0.8mm

Solder Wire Melting Point: 183℃

Check to see if the soldering iron cracks are cracked or burned.

Tin the soldering iron after each use to avoid rust formation.

Cleaning the tip while in use enables a better welding result.

Use and clean soldering iron in a well-ventilated place.

Choose the type of tip that is appropriate for the welding job.

Perform soldering on the printed circuit board without difficulty;
Complete for small electronic or electric vehicles;
Electronic component assembly: home appliance repair, printed circuit design, model making ...
SREMTCH Provide you with the good choice of soldering iron kit
Soldering Iron Kit
Using Tips:

1. Equipped with various sizes of soldering tips and adjustable heat, you can soldering electrics (keyboard, guitar electronics, toy electronics etc);

2. Soldering small wires-soldering jack plug wiring and pickup changing; fix small wires and big wires-Set it to the lower temperature for smaller wires, and crank the power up a little to solder the thicker/larger gauge wires;

3. Silver jewellery soldering-soldering earrings made of silver not gold;

4. Soldering automotive electric, better order some flux as you don't want your copper oxidising whilst soldering;

5. But not recommanded for soldering stained glass, but you can use glue gun to stained glass

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