IP55 Electrical Junction Box (100x100x70mm)
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Description of Waterproof Electrical Junction Box

Size: 100x100x70mm
Access Points (Rubber Bungs with 27mm Diameter): 7
Colour: Grey
Waterproof Rating: IP55
CE Approval: Yes
Junction Box Material: Hard Plastic (Not Brittle)
Lid Design: Held in Place with 4 Philips Head Screws
Smooth Finish on Lid
Note: Works with M25 Glands (PG21 Cable Glands)
IP55 - Standard

The rating achieved by a junction box is defined by numbers following 'IP'
First number defines 'Solid Particle Protecton'
Second number defines 'Liquid Ingression Protection'
IP55 means the junction box is protected against
Dust (but entirely dust tight) and offers complete protection against contact
Water jets (up to 6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects
Uses of Waterproof Electrical Junction Box

To provide a waterproof enclosure for cable joins
T ypical applIcation would be with CCTV cameras to protect cable joins, connectors etc
Advantages of Waterproof Electrical Junction Box

Compact, dust and waterproof unit
Low cost, yet good quality with a flexible (non-brittle) lid
Very popular size junction box
Can be used with rubber bungs provided or with M25 glands (PG21 Glands)
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Lid is securely held on with screws
Disadvantages of Waterproof Electrical Junction Box

Not large enough to house a power unit
There are other boxes with higher IP ratings in terms of dust and liquid protection

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