3x Phone Cable Type C Mobile Fast Charging Adapter 1m Black

3x Phone Cable Type C Mobile Fast Charging Adapter 1m Black 3x Phone Cable Type C Mobile Fast Charging Adapter 1m Black Other Electronics
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ULN-C-1.0 Bulk


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Braided Data Cable
Product color: black
Product length: 1m
Product interface: Micro USB, TYPE-C (please pay attention to the interface when purchasing)
Function: fast charging + transfer
Product advantages: environmental protection wire, TPE inner quilt, the wire is soft, durable, not easy to knot, delicate, high-grade and textured, which solves the trouble of going out with multiple wires.
Features: Exclamation mark design, novel appearance, the data cable is resistant to folding and not easy to break
Bending Strength
Nylon cable is high -intensive and durable, Complete coverage of SR, Lengthened soft rubber protection, Hard plastic short joint, never worry about bending and breakage.
Thicker, More stable. Faster
Five groups of thicker wire core to enhance transmission stability and reduce heat.

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