Non Fluke Volt Stick Wand & LED TORCH! Non contact wand Phase Testers(multiple quantities)
Brand new

The short:


Postage: €1.65

Save yourself up to €25 on the wholesaler prices(not to mention what they cost in hardware & DIY retail stores)

Available seperately or in multiple quantites at a discounted price if required.

These are identical to the FLUKE VOLTALERT wands also on the market for up to 3 times the price(and over).

The long:

This handy little Volt Stick Wand identifies live circuits, simply by just waving it close by a cable, socket or switch, it will flash red(if the circuit is live), aswell as beep repeatedly.

With the added feature of an LED TORCH so you can actually see those cables buried in walls/ceilings attic spaces and behind cabinets which is usually the case.

-No need for an expensive & time consuming multimeter to check the live and neutral terminals.
-Very handy for revamps and shop fit outs where speed is a priority during demolition.
-Very convenient for quickly identifying which circuit breaker or switch a socket or light fitting is powered from.
-A necessity for any tradesmans tool box for PEACE OF MIND WHEN IN DOUBT.

Downtime on site??
Faulty tool?
Or is it an Extension lead reset or with loose connections?
Transformer reset?
Circuit breaker tripped?

MINIMIZE YOUR DOWNTIME ON SITE by narrowing down the route of your problem in seconds by simply checking where you have power to, start at the cable entering your tool and work your way from the tool cable, back to the transformer or fuse board!
No more arsin' about shaking around battered old extension leads or swapping around plugs into different sockets(if there are any spare) just in order to check your equipment is actually working, anyone who's worked on site has been there.
Simply TRACE THE POWER in the cable all the way back TO THE CULPRIT in a couple of seconds!

Drill has power but no action = broken drill
Extention lead has power from transformer but no power to the drill = broken or reset extention lead
Transformer has power from wall socket but no power to extention lead = broken or reset transformer or possibly loose connection in extention lead plug

Safer than a contact Phase tester because you don't have to rely on being earthed for it to light up(that's right, traditional phase testers can be lethal by giving no reading because they don't work if you're standing on something insulating you from the ground/earth), it's also safer given it is completely wireless and doesn't require you to make contact with live terminals in order to check power is present.

Takes two AAA batteries(not included to reduce postage cost), you can pick up a pack of 10 in dealz for €1.49!

Voltage sensitivity range: 90v - 1000v

Safety warning:
-For users that do not intend to use this on a daily basis, it is recommend that you test the batteries are not gone dead by pushing the LED torch button before use. It is also recommended that if the item is not in use for long periods, that the batteries be removed.
-ALWAYS VERIFY! If you are testing a socket, switch, cooker etc is live so that you can work on it, it is always recommended that you always verify that you have the correct circuit breaker off before carrying out maintenance or replacement etc, if the volt stick is moved away from the electrical accessory even briefly, this can cause it to stop beeping. So always verify the correct circuit breaker is definitely off by double checking the cables with the volt stick before working on that circuit.
This is only suggested for commercial and industrial premises/sites where powering down all circuits may not be possible because the building must remain in service at the time of maintenance etc..
WARNING! For a domestic setting, it is always recommended to turn off the main circuit breaker/fuse to the house before working on any electrical circuits, and if unable to identify which is the main breaker/fuse, then turn off every circuit breaker at the fuse board and consult a qualified electrician from your area.


Depends on quantity, but €1.65 for up to 3 x voltsticks by standard post.

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