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Game collection. 300 photos Game collection. 300 photos Other Consoles & Games


Having issues uploading photos, most are up now

Selling my game collection. Full collection for now, if I am going to split I will update the ad. Until then please don’t try and say I want this or that if you are splitting.
Everything that’s in photos. Some additional stuff also.
Any questions welcome, but be patient with awaiting response, I will answer as swift as I can but I also have a life.
90% is tested, some anomalies like the nes systems need a blow to get going, Atari St’s have some issues but one works ok, but can be used with the additional one for parts/drive.
Magazine’s in pictures are 100 deep(rough) and are all retro gamer magazines. I have bags and bags of wires for all the consoles, and multiple controllers and accessories for each console. The Dreamcast consoles and pal, Japanese and a spare that seems to have an issue with sound, small issue but I just didn’t look into and bought the other two.
Again it’s a big collection so one or games may be missing from the boxes but that’s all, one or two. I can take questions if it’s specific about an item and double check but like I said all should be good.
As I am a very busy person I’d really appreciate no time wasters looking to give me 5 quid for an uncommon Zelda game, in fact I won’t even answer the question, possibly a straight block situation.
Thanks for reading, and if you are interested and serious and have big boys and girl’s money 💰, we can talk.

Wii u
Console boxed, complete/excellent
Pro controller boxed very good.
Special editions
Mario maker
Lego city
Batoneta 1&2
Loz twilight princess hd
All complete and excellent bayoneta was never even played
Additional games as in pics are all excellent to mint many unplayed, no scratches on any. All complete (not sure about nintendo points, some have some have not got them, FIFA 13 has no manual but who give a fudge.

PSP x 2. Black in excellent condition, red needs a battery but in very good condition.
The 3rd birthday is boxed complete excellent condition.
All games in updated pics are in very good condition with manuals, bar these 4 toca, Star Wars bf 2, mg acid, pes 6. 6 umd movies also I’m pics.

3ds Zelda excellent condition, complete
Ds lite very good condition boxed complete but no inserts so not completely complete!
Ds xl excellent condition
53 boxed complete ds games, 3 not complete (poke platinum, izuna, yoshi island)
52 3ds games all complete including kid icarus and chibi, and bravely second deluxe Coll edition 1of those not complete (wreck it Ralph)
Some have and have not got the nintendo points

Wii boxed complete great condition
T vs c excellent condition complete box very good
Monster hunter 3
The last story
Pandoras tower
Xenoblade chronicles
All stars 25th
Mario galaxy 2
All these limited and special additions are fully boxed and complete, excellent condition
Additional 45 games in photos in excellent condition and complete
Tenchumickey, no more heroes and draw kf panda 2 incomplete)
Total 57 games

Nintendo gc
All games boxed complete (bar sonic adventure 2/turtles nexus 2/mario sunshine/doshin these 4 haveno manual, Star Wars rogue 2 has manual but the disk inside is rogue 3, wrestle x8 is just the b
all checked and are very good to near mint.
Tenchua few pics of the heavy hitters, hope that helps.
Gc console x 3 (2 silver/1 purple, wave bird controller/gb adapter. Freeloader for ntsc, gb player also includes disc) many additional controllers not pictured)
2 boxes for cubes are in ok condition, one has inserts and paperwork.

Ps2 updates
2 ps2 slim, one black one silver
One original fat ps2
All working and complete, additional (many) memory cards are included just not pictured.
Well over 150 in games. Condition ranges from good to excellent. All boxed with manuals except for picture stack - red dead revolver to burnout dominator.
I have multiple controlleand buzz 🐝 game buzzers (not pictured.

Ps1 update
PlayStation original audiophile
Psone slim
Psone with screen
All in excellent condition
Ps namco light gun, not pictured, in storage, excellent condition

All these games have very good to excellent near mint discs and are complete
Tomb raider 3
Broken sword 2 - crack to front of box
Bust a move 3dx - crack on hinge
GTA London
Final Fantasy 8
Mission impossible
Vampire hunter D one b
W snook champ
Resident evil 2
Atari collection 2 - some cracks on front box
Air combat
Fifa99 crack front
Soul blade
Dino crisis - no front inlay
Monster rancher - front box crack, small crack on hinge corner
Colony wars
Crash 3
Smack down
No fear downhill
Metal gear solid x 3 missing s hill demo one has all manuals
Capcom generations
Rcs champ moto
Destruction derby 2
Actua golf 3 - crack on spine near hinge
Rival schools
Alien trilogy
Final fantasy 6 - no manuals
Symphony filter - crack on spine near
Theme hospital- no manual small crack corner
Hot wheels er - crack on front box no manual
Tiger woods 2000
Chris kamaras street soccer
Die hard trilogy - crack front box
Fighting force
Original demo 1 disc
Duke nuke - no manual
The world is not enough
Command and conquer - hinges not great
Croc legend of - hinges not great
Bloody roar - hinges not great
Break out - no manual
Gran t 2
Odd world exoddus - no manual
Over board - crack front case
Music 2000 - crack to front case
Duke land of babes - no manual
FIFA 2001
FIFA 2002
Tekken 3
Driver 2
Point blank 2 - have gun not pictured
Dancing stage
FIFA 2000
Wow mayhem
Small soldiers
Colin McRae

Some Anomalies and outliers, I will picture these as best I can some are very incomplete or just disc or no disc just box etc.

Dreamcast updated
3 dc consoles 2xpal 1 ntsc
One pal. Onsole has some light yellowing, some sound issues. Others are perfect, no step down conversion for the ntsc
Keyboard, and light gun very good condish
All games now clearly pictured, are in very good to excellent condition, some discs look unplayed, and are complete with manuals.
The worst bunch is the 8 or so games that has uefa striker in the middle of the bunch, these have some scratches and some issues like with hinges or have no manuals.
Also tales of is in excellent condition apart from the teeth that grip the disc.
Loads of joypads, but not all pictured, I believe I have one or maybe two vmu also

C64/spectrum update
Speccy in excellent condition.
Commodore breadbin in very good condition, c64 in ok condition, working etc but top frame loose.
2 x disk drives working nicely.
Most games now up in pics.
Condition range good to very good.
100 + c64 floppy’s with hundreds of games (most copied)

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6 days
@OhDannyBhoy Hi, thanks for the question. If uou want to pm to discuss prices , I'm happy to do so.
6 days
Just putting it out there .. would i be a million miles away at 10K . Genuine interest and buyer
1 week
@Onestepahead thanks for the comment, but I'm looking to clear out at the minute. No doubt I'll add more at some stage! 😆
1 week
I'm guessing your a collector

Any interest in a PS3 test developers debugging station?

Model no DECHJ00A

Rare piece of kit and not expecting eBay prices there on there for 750+ but mines an older model with no card reader
3 weeks
@cth1 cheers!
3 weeks
OK all good
3 weeks
@mfkeane23: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
For pm
3 weeks
@cth1 thanks but I really need to sell I'm larger amounts.
3 weeks
How much for Xbox 360 stuff?
1 month
Would I be able to buy pokemon emerald,sapphire,street fighter 2,super mario bros for the gameboy advance and pokemon silver if that's OK could you tell me how much they would be
1 month
I get that
1 month
@cth1 I Dont have a set amount, but its just not worth the time for the odd game here and there.
1 month
Thank you for the reply whats the smallest amount of games you will sell me because I have my eye on a couple other games
1 month
@cth1 not selling in that small of an amount, thanks for the interest
1 month
How much is pokemon emerald for the gameboy advance
1 month
Any offers guys
1 month
Accept so I can dm you please
1 month
For PM, thank you!
1 month
Over 40 watching, taking offers for large bundles.
2 months
For PM.

Hey there, would you be willing to discuss a large bundle? PSP, PSOne with screen and a ton of games for PS1/2/P? Legitimate PS fan and you can check my feedback for ease of mind. Thanks!