High Quality Y Splitter SAE Wire Extension Cord Wire For Trolling Motor Motorcycle Batteries
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Y Splitter SAE Wire Extension Cord Wire For Trolling Motor Motorcycle Batteries

1 to 2 SAE splitter cable heavy duty extension connector. SAE to SAE split single head plug, easy to use, flexible to collocate.
The SAE connector with connector protection cap, protect the SAE connector from raindrop and dust, which will stay clean and dry inside when you did not use it.
Made from a high-conductivity 16 AWG copper wire and a rated capacity of 20A & 15A(15A & 20A built-in fuse for overload and short-circuit protection).
Have a widely use in all kinds of devices with SAE quick release plug like solar panel, motorcycle batteries, lawnmower, ATV , RV and trolling motor you want to charge with 12V SAE plug.
SAE connector and fuse holder have weatherproof cover design.
External 15A fuse protection make sure the safety in case of short circuit and prevent damage to devices from high surge current.And will get extra 15 Ann and 20 Ann fuse as a backup.

Set of 1 to 2 SAE Splitter Cable Connector Kit

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