Waterproofing System for Roofs, Balcony, Terraces etc.
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Owl Lava20 is a polyurethane based system( liquid rubber) designed for New builds, OSB, Concrete, Felt Asphalt,TPE, TPO, PVC, EPDM, balcony or terraces and for areas where traffic is expected. The system is BBA approved, has all the EU Certs, and has a warranty of 20 to 25 years.
The LAVA 20 has many benefits over traditional systems such as felt, Fiberglas etc. for a number or reasons:
- Fast drying, very easy to apply, reduces labor costs.
- It can be rained on 30 mins after application at 20oC. You can finish most jobs in one day.
- High Elasticity. The film remains elastic even down to -40oC. Will expand and contract throughout the year with the surface.
- Excellent weather and UV resistance.
- Can be applied in temperatures down to 0 C.
- Excellent thermal resistance, the product never turns soft. (-40C - +90C)
- Excellent chemical resistance.
- Moisture vapor transmission: The film breathes so there is no accumulation of humidity under the coat.

This is a system that can be applied in one coat for a 10 year warranty , 2 coats for 20 year warranty or 3 Coats for 25 years Warranty.

1.Clean the surface well and make sure that the surface is DRY; fill all cracks, holes with PU Mastic.
2. Apply a thin layer of the Super Quick primer( Dry in 15/20 mins)
3.Reinforce all joints, cracks or splits with the geotextile tape and Lava 20.( wet on wet application)
4. Apply one or two coats over the entire area.
Job done!

Extra Optional coatings: 1.Resin TopCoat (Clear or Dark Grey) for extra durability and 5 extra years to the life of the coating.
2. Anti slip Coating with Quartz - for walkways, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

To get an idea of products requirements according to projects you would require coatings of
1.8kg/m2 (one coat)
2.5kg to max 3kg ( for two coats) extra durability and hard wearing surface, or onto porous surface like Felt/bitumen or highly porous concrete.

Links to the OWL Lava20 on our website:
Application process steps:

* Available options :

Lava20 - 6kg - €104.55

Lava20- 15kg - €209.10

Lava20 - 25kg - €343.17

More info about the products, Free Training in our showroom in Ballymount or installation steps please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

or Direct Message us here

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@clau24: €123 OFFER ACCEPTED
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Still available:
2 weeks
More stock just arrived...collection from Our showroom in Ballymount Dublin 12 ( D12 X8KC ) or delivery also available anywhere in Ireland.
3 weeks
@darren.mceneaney: yes , its suitable for water tanks, swimming pools etc
3 weeks
Can this be used to seal a water feature ie can it be used to retain water in a feature
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Still Available:
1 month
@donedealuser (#147b44) no problem at all. We are main importers of this product I would advise to not take advice from just anyone, please contact us for directly , correct information as well as best prices.
1 month
Ph1ll clearly this is not your ADD, why are you interfering and bad mouthing someone else's ADD and on top of that you are trying to steal customers by referring them to contact you!!!! And that liquid waterpfoofing is for outdoors N by what I read it has all CE certs, fireproof and also BBA certified.. Keep your comments for yourself
1 month
I have a fiberglass roof that's leaking can this be painted straight on or will the existing top coat need to be sanded off?
2 months
2 months
@pb padraig yes no problem at all. If you place an offer we can dm and send you all simple instructions on how to apply the system correctly and we are happy to even take a watsapp video call when you start your project!
2 months
hi could i use this over ply for a shower in a camper van
3 months
Still available:
3 months
For pm
3 months
@Amy123456789: Yes it is, we are a company in Ballymount,m Dublin 12, specializing in liquid waterproofing systems. Let me know if you require more information about any of our products.
3 months
Is this still available? Thank you