Concrete Mould Oil 1000ltr IBC

Concrete Mould Oil 1000ltr IBC Concrete Mould Oil 1000ltr IBC Other Building Materials
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DESCRIPTION: Euromould Oil GP is a high oil content mould oil for formwork and precast use. Giving excellent release properties and is ideal for plastic, GRP, wooden and steel moulds

APPLICATION: Euromould Oil GP is supplied ready to use. A uniform thin film should be applied to the formwork using low pressure spray equipment with care being taken to avoid over application. For new and unsealed timber formwork pre-treatment is recommended with a second application prior to use -- this will extend the useful life of the formwork and help to standardise surface absorbency. Coverage rate is 30-40m² p/l

STORAGE: Euromould Oil GP should be stored in plastic containers under dry, frost-free conditions away from direct sunlight, under such conditions the shelf life is at least twelve months, if unopened. is Irelands newest online building and construction supply store. Just some of the products we stock are Concrete Tools, Chemicals, Formwork Accessories, Roofing and Power Tools to name a few. All orders can be placed through and will be sent right to your door.

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