Feis na nGleann : A History of The Festival of The Glens - 1990

Feis na nGleann : A History of The Festival of The Glens - 1990 Feis na nGleann : A History of The Festival of The Glens - 1990 Other Books & Magazines

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• Féis na nGleann : A History of The Festival of The Glens
• By Séamus Clarke
• Signed By The Author
• Printed By Priory Press
• First Edition Hardback 1990

▪︎ Introduction
A myth which is assiduously promoted by the Unionist establishment in the six counties , claims that Ulster through its history has always been aloof from the rest of Ireland. Elaborated forms of the myth paint a picture of geographical compact people with greater affinity to Anglicised Scotland than to the rest of Ireland.
To make the facts of Ulster life and Ulster history fit the myth , it is necessary to engage in severe mental gymnastics , which include a somersault when faced with historic fact that Gaelic was once the language of a large area of the lowlands and a hop , step and jump over the fact that the area of Ireland nearest to Scotland and which has the most thorough and persistent relations with Scotland happens to be in place names , in traditions , in music and until recently in language one of the most Irish places in Ireland.
The Glens of Antrim ( Glinntí Aontroma ) which are contained within the great sweep of coast from the Giants Causeway in the north to Gleann Arma in the south , may mean little to many people - a section of map , a song , maybe nothing more.
In telling the story of Féis na nGleann , the great cultural festival of the glens. I hope to make more people aware of the historic cultural unity of Ireland and to inspire them to emulate the courage of an indomitable people who having lost almost all the sources of their Nationality , fought back and continue to fight against the greatest odds , to restore the finest prize of their heritage , their own distinctive language.....Séamus Clarke

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