Authentic Disney Loungefly
Brand new

Brand new with tags, still in box
Disney Star Wars Mandalorian The Child
Authentic Loungefly
No offers below asking asking price thanks

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Crumlin, Dublin
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3 months ago

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2 months
@sweenekm seriously I wish you good luck with your purchase, genuine authentic Loungefly “ the child “ average at €120 so if you can buy for half that price just go buy it !!
2 months
Making an offer of the market rate is not low balling someone FYI. I will get it brand new now and wait for shipping just thought I was doing the seller offering her the money first instead of going elsewhere.
2 months
@allyMaria92 aw that’s so nice I’m delighted it’s going to someone who will appreciate it x
2 months
Thanks a MILLION it’s been in my watchlist for so long! And my fiancé just said he’ll get it for me on payday! THANK YOU!
2 months
@allyMaria92: €80 OFFER ACCEPTED
Thank you I certainly will hold until next Wednesday no problem at all
2 months
@allyMaria92 couldn’t agree with you more honestly people need to learn how to use this site ! Clearly states no offers below asking price, this is the lowest I can go as it actually cost more to buy originally and if you don’t want to buy here go buy online ....thank you for support x
2 months
I’ll take it next wednesday. If you want to leave my offer open til then that’s fine.
2 months
Then get a new one. Why you tryna low ball this seller when you can buy it braaaaand new for less.
2 months
You might wanna broaden your Google search love. 60 euro is what they are going for online including delivery!
2 months
They ain’t 60. It’s in forbidden planet for 120. I just been there. Sorry but I had to comment! I’m one of the watchers (I save money to make offers) and just… I hate see people taken advantage of!
2 months
Most I can go is 60 for it, as that's what they are online at the moment
2 months
@sweenekm thanks for offer but can’t accept less than asking price thanks
2 months
Can collect tomorrow
5 months