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Yu-Gi-Oh cards - Ad8 of 9 - S Yu-Gi-Oh cards - Ad8 of 9 - S Other Antiques & Collectables

€1 is for PM purposes.
Yu-Gi-Oh cards - sorting through 100s of Yu-Gi-Oh cards - cataloguing them alphabetically by the first letter - this ad contains cards starting with S. Cards sorted alphabetically within each letter too so it should be easier to see if the card(s) you are looking for is/are there! If the card code isn't clear, please ask. Many cards are in very good condition but condition varies down to well used. Have multiples of some cards. Some 1st editions/limited editions. If a card's name starts with 'The', it will be in the 'T' batch. Card prices vary. No reasonable offer refused. Will post at buyer's expense. Check out my other Yu-Gi-Oh related / collectibles ads.

Cards sold have SOLD in front of their name! 1/5 for eg means 1 sold but 4 of these cards remaining.

Saber beetle
SOLD Sacred crane €0.50
Sage of stillness
SOLD (1/3) Sakuretsu armor €1.00
Sand moth
Sasuke samurai #3
SOLD Scapegoat €1.00
Scroll of bewitchment
Sebek's blessing
Secrets of the gallant
Self-destruct button
Senet switch
Seven tools of the bandit
Shadow spell
SOLD Shield & sword €0.50
Shien's castle of mist
Shien's footsoldier
Shooting star bow - ceal
Short circuit
Silent abyss
SOLD Silpheed €0.30
Simultaneous loss
Sinister serpent
Skilled dark magician
Skull red bird
Sky scourge norleras
SOLD Slate warrior €0.30
Smashing ground
Snatch steal
Snipe hunter
Soul absorption
SOLD Soul exchange €0.50
Soul tiger
Space gift
Spark blaster
Spatial collapse
Spell absorption
Spell chronicle
Spell shiled type-8
Spirit of flames
SOLD Spirit ryu €0.10
Stamping destruction
Steam gyroid
Stone statueof the aztecs
Straight flush
Stronghold the moving fortress
SOLD Summoned skull €0.50
Super conductor tyranno
SOLD Super polymerization €5
Super vehicroid jumbo drill
Survival instinct
Swift samurai storm!
Synthesis spell
Synthetic seraphim

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1 week
SOLD Super polymerization €5
1 month
Still available
3 months
@ringers378 That is one of the dearer ones - €4
3 months
How much for super polymerization?
7 months
Stone Statue of the Aztecs SOLD €0
7 months
Sacred Crane SOLD €0.50
Silpheed SOLD €0.30
Slate Warrior SOLD €0.30
Spirit Ryu SOLD €0.10
8 months
8 months
@matty_kk1 ?
8 months
Anyone wanna buy yu gi oh cheap
11 months
All 9 Yu-Gi-Oh cards ads updated with full list etc.
11 months
Still Available:
11 months
11 months
@stephenh1996That's fine - put in an offer for PM purposes
11 months
Ok I’m looking to put together a bundle of cards, perhaps we could come to a deal?
11 months
@stephenh1996 Yes
11 months
Is the summoned skull still available?