Yu-Gi-Oh cards - Ad6 of 9 - K - M

Yu-Gi-Oh cards - Ad6 of 9 - K - M Yu-Gi-Oh cards - Ad6 of 9 - K - M Other Antiques & Collectables

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Yu-Gi-Oh cards - sorting through 100s of Yu-Gi-Oh cards - cataloguing them alphabetically by the first letter - this ad contains cards starting with K, L or M. Cards sorted alphabetically within each letter too so it should be easier to see if the card(s) you are looking for is/are there! If the card code isn't clear, please ask. Many cards are in very good condition but condition varies down to well used. Have multiples of some cards. Some 1st editions/limited editions. If a card's name starts with 'The', it will be in the 'T' batch. Card prices vary. No reasonable offer refused. Will post at buyer's expense. Check out my other Yu-Gi-Oh related / collectibles ads.

Cards sold have SOLD in front of their name! 1/5 for eg means 1 sold but 4 of these cards remaining.

Kahkki guerilla of dark world
Kaminote blow
SOLD Kojikocy €0.50
SOLD Koumori dragon €0.50
SOLD Kuriboh €0.50
La jinn the mystical genie of the lamp
Last resort
Last will
Launcher spider
Legacy of yata garasu
Legendary ebon steed
SOLD Lekunga
Level down
SOLD Level limit area b €2.50
Level modulation
Light effigy
Light of intervention
SOLD (1/4) Lightning vortex €1.00
SOLD Limiter removal €0.30
Linear acceleration cannon
Little chimera
SOLD Little winguard €0.50
SOLD Lord of d €0.50
Luster dragon
Machine conversion factory
Machine duplication
Machine king prototype
Mad lobster
Mad sword beast
SOLD Mage power €0.50
SOLD Magic cylinder €1.00
Magic drain
Magic jammer
Magical arm shiled
Magical blast
Magical dimension
SOLD Magical hat €1.00
Magical mallet
SOLD Magical scientist
Magician of faith
Magna slash dragon
Magnet circle lv2
Malevolent nuzzler
Marionette mite
Masked dragon
Mass hypnosis
Master kyonshee
Mausoleum of the emperor
SOLD Mechanicalchaser €0.50
SOLD Megamorph €0.50
Mei kou master of barriers
Memory crusher
Mesmeric control
Metal reflect slime
Meteor of destruction
Micro ray
Mighty guard
SOLD Milus radiant €0
Mind haxorz
Miracle jurassic egg
SOLD Mirage dragon €€0.30
Mirror gate
Mokey mokey smackdown
Molten zombie
Monk fighter
SOLD (1/2) Monster reborn €1.00
SOLD Mountain €0.50
Multiplication of ants
Mutant mindmaster
Mysterious puppeteer
SOLD Mystic box €0.50
Mystic horseman
Mystic plasma zone
SOLD Mystic swordsman lv2 €1.50
Mystic swordsman lv4
Mystic tomato
Mystical elf
Mystical knight of jackal
Mystical space typhoon

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SOLD Magical Scientist €0.80
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Legacy of Yata Garasu Please
1 month
SOLD Lekunga €0.50

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7 months
Level Limit Area B SOLD €2.50
Limiter Removal SOLD €0.30
Mage Power SOLD €0.50
Megamorph SOLD €0.50
Milus Radiant SOLD €0
Mirage Dragon SOLD €0.30
Mystic Swordsman LV2 SOLD €1.50
11 months
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