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In August 2019, I had the privilege to be a volunteer at the Dublin 2019 An Irish Worldcon science fiction convention. One of the perks I grabbed was a few boxes of the Warhoon 28 fanzine. Since I got them for free, I cannot in good conscience charge anything for them, and want to give them away to people who will love and appreciate them.

If this is you, please feel free to hit me up for a copy. They will be going on a first come first served basis, collection only. This thing weighs a ton, and I won't be posting them out! If you are not local to Waterford, get a friend to grab a copy. Again, it's free to a good home!

Paraphrased from the Dublin 2019 Worldcon site:

This artifact of beauty is a hardcover 668 page fanzine behemoth, printed by mimeograph to a very high quality, published in 1978 by Richard Bergeron. It is a collection of the writings of Belfast Fan, Walt Willis.

Walt Willis started what was called Irish Fandom in Belfast on August 26th, 1947 when he successfully connected with James White and he went on to produce fanzines, write many articles, travel to the US by ship in 1952 and come to be recognised as a fan writer of superior and indeed unique quality, he had a way with words and language and punning that worked to great amusement while having an eye and writing style that portrayed what he saw exceptionally well.

The fanzine is a complete anthology of the writings from the fazines Slant and Hyphen including the columns: “The Harp That Once Or Twice”, “The Harp Stateside”, and “Twice Upon A Time”, as well as other writings. Warhoon 28 was nominated for a Hugo in for 1981 in the best non-fiction book category.

Walt Willis was a fascinating chap, in 1958 he won the Hugo Award as “Outstanding Actifan” (active fan), he received a number of nominations for best fan writer and best fanzine Hugo, and he received a retro-Hugo in the fanzine category for Slant with art editor James White in 2004.

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