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Motorola x force 1 bullet proof phone armoured glass not a mark on it has been in a case from new unlocked to any sim

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3 months ago

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2 weeks
Sorry I was sleeping after doing a night shift I'm awake now if your still in town
2 weeks
Pm purposes
2 weeks
Hi I'm around town now if your home
2 weeks
Hi I could be up for 11.30am if that suits
2 weeks
D08y5rp postcode see you then
2 weeks
@kona1 yes I do have original
2 weeks
Thanks send me a message on WhatsApp 0 8 5 8 4 88 6 2 3 I'll arrange to come see collect tomorrow evening after 8 if that works for you... Do you still have the original straps I like that one but Do you have the orange with extreme wrote on it... Thanks john
2 weeks
@kona1 I'm in work now but I'll do tomorrow
2 weeks
I have an offer on one of my watches at the moment if the sale goes through I'll go to the 250 if interested. Would you mind sending on a few photos to whatsapp 0 8 5 8 4 88 6 2 3. Sorry again about jumping in on the ad but I was looking through my watchlist and it reminded me of the watch again...
2 weeks
@kona1 no it doesn't affect it at all it has a new matching strap on it
2 weeks
My only concern then and now was the size of the air bubble in it. Was it as big as the original photo and does it effect it in any way
2 weeks
No thanks
2 weeks
What about 200 plus my suunto vectors new watch for it
2 weeks
@kona1 I paid 300 for it if you come up to 250 I might do a deal
2 weeks
Ya, I couldn't afford it at the time I was looking at it and can't afford it now just thought I'd ask if interested. It might have ended up being a watch in a drawer, no worries if not.
2 weeks
@kona1 I think you will find I paid more for it
2 weeks
Hi you bought a hypertec dive watch awhile back would you be interested in selling I could offer 220 in willing to sell