3770k @4.7 z77 sabertooth Motherboard 16gb ram gtx 980 ti 240 gb ssd and windows 10 pro bundle

Selling due to recently upgrading platform.

Update: €530 bundle price or see below for individual prices( I have been asked so many times to split) You save €128 buying the bundle. I am an It technician and can provide installation if needed but must be done on my premises.

Advertised elsewhere now

Golden sample i7 3770k: €155

@4.7 ghz (stable at only 1.2v so great temperatures).

Asus z77 Sabertooth Motherboard:€150

With multiple preconfigured and tested overclock settings for the following speeds: 4.4ghz,4.5ghz,4.6ghz and 4.7 GHz all tested with prime for 12 hours + intel burn test to ensure stability is 100% I also upgraded the rear i/o fan to a Noctua unit, so the chipset is cooled in silence.

Memory:16gb Corsair Vengeance pro ram 1866 MHz
(4x4gb) €70

A 250 GB OCZ SSD €28 (SOLD)

Windows 10 professional installed with legitimate license, activation is locked to the original motherboard so don’t worry about ever having to reinstall windows, it will automatically activate if you wish to do so. Clean installation with all drivers and windows updates done.

Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 980 TI xtreme Graphics Card- €255

Great card easily runs games in 1440p maxed out flawlessly and many games in 4k, faster than the new GTX 1660.

All come with original boxes documentation and accessories. Bargain price just add a cooler case and power supply and you have a gaming pc that can easily run modern games with ease.

Please note The case power supply, soundcard
cooler and fans seen in the picture are not included. The pictures, however, are of the actual pc I have upgraded to a 9700k z390 platform since. Thanks for looking and please no timewasters. This is a well priced bundle, I have already checked how much everything goes for and have made sure that I am the lowest already.

Edit - more pictures added

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Baltinglass, Wicklow
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3 weeks ago

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1 week
2 weeks
bump, last week will go into a build instead
2 weeks
Price drop
2 weeks
Still available please no timewasters, thank you
2 weeks
Do you mean all parts listed in ad?
2 weeks
@lin441: Whole pc?
3 weeks
so i7 3770K, Asus z77 sabertooth Motherboard with upgraded noctua chipset fans, 16gbs of corsair vengeance pro ram @ 1866mhz, a Toshiba ocz TL100 SSD a Gtx 980 ti xtreme and windows 10 professional all items boxed and with original accessories and documentation
3 weeks
@icsdi: Its all listed above 3770k clocks easily to 3.7 @ 1.2v multiple different oc profiles set 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 16gbs of corsair vengeance pro @1866mhz, ocz ssd upgraded the chipset fans to Noctua flx for the sake of quietness as the Asus ones are annoying and a gtx 980 ti xtreme the fastest 980 ti that was released. Windows 10 pro is already activated on this motherboard and is a legit retail copy so you would be getting that with it also.So basically cpu motherboard ram and ssd. If required and for an additional cost, I can supply a Corsair obsidian 450d and a corsair h110i cooler if needed and even set it up so that way you would actually be getting a full gaming tower but would cost more clearly. Anyone is welcome to shop around, and you will see that I am being more than reasonable with the price. Thanks for your interest
3 weeks
what exactly you do have in that list
3 weeks
Price drop
3 weeks
More pictures added, my phone isn't the best but all items come with all accessories and packaging, all well-minded and work perfectly
3 weeks
@icsdi: Ill take some of them in the morning and upload
3 weeks
Do a photo of the product you sell the way it is now . after parts removed .
4 weeks
@Cochise: Set the 1-Core Ratio limit to 47 and enable Internal PLL Overvoltage. Set the CPU Manual Voltage to 1.35V and set load-line Calibration to Extreme. Set CPU Voltage Frequency to Manual and set the CPU fixed Frequency to 500.Set CPU Current Capability to 140 %. You can enable XMP on the ram will be fine. Run cinebench and if it passes run intel burn test. From there on just drop your voltages by 0.05v until the system doesn't post or crashes then bump the voltage back up by 0.05v until you're stable again. Hope this helps
4 weeks
I have the same system except a 1080ti instead, would you share your overclock settings by any chance as I can't seem to find anything stable with mine.
4 weeks
intrested in motherboard, let me know if you sell seperate
1 month
@AL333: you can pm me an offer if you like? Id like to sell all together if possible but I will keep what you offer in consideration ^^
1 month
cpu and motherboard
1 month
@AL333: I might consider it, what are you looking for exactly?
1 month
would u sell seperate?