Warhammer & Age Of Sigmar, Paints, Brushes + Extras

Bundle Citadel paints, brushes and bottles of primer and varnish (black [the bottle of Arma is almost gone but the Citadel one is unused], white, transparent) Whole bundle: 90€

Box of 1 Sentinel: 20€

Paint box set of 34 bottles (majority not even open) and over 16 brushes in perfect conditions, plenty brand new: 80€

Bottles of primer and Varnish (black [the bottle of Arma is almost gone but the Citadel one is unused], white, transparent): 16€

Citadel bottles as follow:

Kislev Flesh
Base corax White
Layer White Scar
Base Wraithbone
Layer genestealer purple
Base Mechanicus Standard Grey
Base leadbelcher
Base Abandon Black
Contrast talassar blue
Layer Lothern Blue
Base Stegadon Scale Green
Base Macragge Blue
Technical Nihilakh Oxide
Layer Moot Green
Base Deathworld Forest
Base Waaaghi flesh
Technical Martian ironcrust
Base retributor armour
Technical Blood For the blood god
Base mephiston red
Technical Agrellan Earth
Contrast Shakebite Leather
Base rhinox hide
Base mournfang brown
Shade Agrax Earthshade
Shade Nuln Oil
X2 Base Averland Sunset

Warpaints bottles as follow:

Machinegun metal
Babe blonde
Light denim
Survivor shader
Survivor skin
Combat fatigues

Happy to deliver it in county Dublin, Kildare or nearby for an extra 5€

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Celbridge, Kildare
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2 weeks
@Quiksilver: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
2 weeks
pop me a message with your paypal details and i'll send you my address.
2 weeks
€90 for complete bundle with €10 for postage to Limerick
2 weeks
@Quiksilver: Hi there. Yes. Please, send me the offer so I can try to post it tomorrow. Thanks
2 weeks
Hi, Would you take €90 for the lot +€10 to ship to limerick?
2 weeks
@liv1: thanks for your reply. Not hassle, if nobody buy it before Friday is yours. Text me back by Friday if that suit you.
2 weeks
Very sorry, I have to skip until Friday. I'll take it then if it's still not taken. I don't want to hold your sale.
2 weeks
@liv1: hi there. I just arrived home and everything is packed already to be shipped. Please, let me know if you want me to go ahead. I can post it today itself before 5pm. Thanks
4 weeks
@liv1: thank you. I will get back to you on the 2nd to sort it out shipping address and payment. Initially it is reserved for you. Take care.
4 weeks
That would be great thank you
4 weeks
@liv1: i can do that. However, I can only post it the 3rd January as I will be back from holidays. Please, let me know if you want me to reserve it for you. Thanks
4 weeks
would you do paintbox and brushes for 80 posted to Galway?