USB Microphone

KLIM USB Microphone, great condition, 2017 variant of the item seen here;

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Youghal, Cork
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3 weeks ago

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Comments & Offers
4 months
@Bolt11 Okay
4 months
I’m jk I’ll let u know if I will pay 10
4 months
5 euro and a Easter egg😂
4 months
@Bolt11: Sorry to hear that, but I spent €6 on the premium bump and it would be nice just to get €4 profit.
4 months
No bother 😔 would of loved this
4 months
@Bolt11: Sorry, only taking €10 for it.
4 months
@Bolt11: No, sorry.
4 months
5 today?
4 months
@Bolt11: Had a look, not interested in a karaoke machine or a golf set.
4 months
would you take any my stuff due to clearing
4 months
@Bolt11: Best what sorry? Use case? I'd say streaming on PC or if someone wanted to start doing podcasts. There are other uses for it (like you said gaming) but it really depends.
4 months
Ok what would be ur best?
4 months
@Bolt11 That's just the thing, it's only a microphone. Anything they say would come through your TV speakers, or a headset if you're using one.
4 months
How would you hear what people saying ?
4 months
@Bolt11 Yes but bare in mind that it's a desk mic. You'd want to be sitting right next to it with it on a flat surface. Works best for generic voice recording than voice chat on Fortnite.
4 months
Would it work as a mic for talking to people on games like fortnite?
4 months
@Bolt11 I can't guarantee that it does, but they advertise it as working for PS4 and I can confirm it works for PC at least.
4 months
Does this work on Xbox one?