Rare 1912 issue Royal Dublin Fusiliers bearskin hat and tunic set

Incredibly rare 1912 issue Dublin fusiliers uniform set with the unit specific elements of the dress uniform. Both have original tags and are incredibly rare since the regiment was dissolved in 1922. The tunic I’ve seen only for sale once(and I bought it) and busby I’ve seen for twice including this one here. Just an incredibly rare and beautiful pair of items. You won’t ever see the two sold as a lot again, the crown jewel for any Irish militaria or Dublin Fusiliers collection. A fantastic museum tier lot

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Malahide, Dublin
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1 month ago

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1 month
€800 busby tunic €450 no more no less
1 month
Accepting cash offers now fellas
1 month
Would also trade for an original cased 1916 Easter rising medal
1 month
Btw that fella who commented btw was some sad fella who created a separate account just to comment on my ad just to sabotage it lol, some people are quite desperate
1 month
Ad has been relisted
2 months
@Buckie101 tunic costed €400
Done some research on prices
and whytes sold a similar one for €700 at auction which is the closest I can find to this one. IMA sold a busby for €800 so I will adjust my price now, thanks for your assistance.
Both quite scarce both are pair 1912 issue
2 months
€1500 for busby
€750 for tunic
2 months
I can accept trades plus cash with anything with the 1st Battalion to bring down the price as well
2 months
@dheas78 I might tho accept an offer for the busby if it was reasonable
2 months
@dheas78 would rather sell as a pair
2 months
How much just for the bearskin?
2 months
@tonzie thank you so much man
2 months
Try these
National army museum
They have a online museum it is uk based but it's worth a try where lots of people can see them....and a section on the royal dublin fusiliers
Anyway good luck ...I leave u in peace ..
2 months
It's worth a try they should be where they can first time I seen a real one ..try emailing beggars bush ....I'm sure out relatives new each other well ...crazy to have come across you here I hope they show intrest in it and no way would I expect you to donate it....its so rare...royal irish dublin fusiliers where a huge part of beggar Bush barracks...
2 months
@tonzie ye my great grand uncle was killed at V beach with the Dubs. I don’t think any military museum here would buy it off me and I can’t afford to donate them. Gutted to see them go but I know they will go to a good home.
2 months
Fab to see...my grest grandfather was part of the the royal dublin fusiliers stationed in beggar Bush and died on the battlefield in france in 1916 you should approach maybe one of the miltary museums ..to expensive for me but was glad to see what he would of worn ....good luck with the sale
2 months
Busby retains original liner+liner string plus maker tags btw. Plume is original period piece.