David Bowie (Painting; not the actual singers corpse like!)

David Bowie (Painting; not the actual singers corpse like!) David Bowie (Painting; not the actual singers corpse like!) Memorabilia
Brand new

Bowie baby!

He's a starman, waiting in the sky............he'd love to come back to earth for this painting to buy.........

Rebel, rebel, your hair's in a mess, rebel, rebel, I'm also selling a dress.

Yip, that's right; am selling an absolutely cracking painting of Bowie and the best bit is..........can you guess............?

Yes, that's right, it's signed by the artist.....the one who painted it not Bowie himself.


Least I hope that's obvious; if it's not then this item may not be suitable for you; stick to gluing your fingers together in science class......

Worth €350; willing to listen to any serious offers subject to you not being a total berk.

100% open to negotiaton on price but no silly money; again do not be a div on this; am under no compunction to sell, will happily hang on to it; it's no skin off my teeth.

Not under any pressure to sell from a financial perspective; more putting a toe in the water to see what the market's like for such pieces of art these days.

But obviously if someone's gonna offer me the full whack or a bit more I'll take the hand clean off of 'em, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder and all; before ya know it you're struggling to wipe yer a**e!!!

Name's Billy, not "Silly" after all like...

No, I won't be modelling it; it's a painting......

No instructions.....again, it's a painting, you're not being asked to paint it yourself.......

No "Give it to the Be Kind Project/Carlow County Development Partnership Ltd. in Carlow" types need apply either; they get in excess (as opposed to "INXS"; they're a band with such hits as "Beautiful Girl" which I most certainly amn't....) of 3 Point 1 Million Euro per year & it's increased annually since 2019 & yet the dopey c***s in our local gossip group keep giving 'em free stuff to give away?
Give your heads a wobble folks, one thing I won't be giving them is this painting or indeed anything else for free.

Again the name's Billy & NOT "Silly" (which would probably not be accepted as a name on a birthcert to be fair....)

No funny money, no try before you buy, buy now pay later, I'll pay ya when my 12th Sprog Kourtney/Kim/Barbie/Rhianna/Jacinta/Britney/Kylie + Jasons mainto comes in from her Da on the 12th of Never Mickey Money Tuesday types need apply.

No magic beans, no polo mints; get up the yard etc.

No try before you buy; this is a painting of Bowie; not an Ann Summers or a Play Blue product.

No swapsies unless you're offering a rub & a tug perhaps & even then you gotta be a ten like the Ukrainian model-beautician one in Carlow; heck even my Polish friend who's alright looking herself in fairness reckons she's a 12 like; high praise indeed!!

To tyre-kickers with their €1 joke bids; nothing funny there lads; you're right up there with a Jim Davidson "joke".

Money upfront, PayPal or EFT in advance preferred; cash as a last resort but, as above, no makey-uppy, funny money; I'll fecking haunt ya for rest of your life, Bowie himself will too.

All Duck or No Dinner on this one please.

(Have ticked "Brand new item, unused with original packaging" because, well, apart from there being a lack of original packaging, it IS brand new)

Collection preferred in "Carlow Lad"......

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