Venom ! Issue #27 ! First Printing ! 2020 ! by Marvel !

Venom ! Issue #27 ! First Printing ! 2020 ! by Marvel ! Venom ! Issue #27 ! First Printing ! 2020 ! by Marvel ! Magazines & Comics

Title: Venom

Author(s): Donny Cates, Juan Gedeon

Publisher: Marvel

Date: 2020

First Printing: YES

Comic Age: Modern

Issue: #27

Noting that he's only beginning to scratch the surface of what the Venom symbiote is capable of, Eddie Brock asks if it knows where they are; the symbiote brusquely retorting that it has no idea. Surprised at it cussing, Eddie turns to see his son Dylan approaching him. Groggily, Dylan asks where they are and what's going on; Eddie telling him to stay close and tell him what he remembers. Dylan remarks that the last thing he recalls is going to see the Maker and being pulled through the chronal gateway during a fight. Abruptly remembering Virus, Eddie turns to see the armor-clad vigilante rocketing towards him in a flying kick. Shoving Dylan aside and transforming into Venom, Eddie is slammed off the roof and into the sky.

As Venom trades punches with Virus, the symbiote warns Eddie that Virus is equipped with Vibro-Shock Gauntlets. Roaring, Venom bites down on Virus' arm, snarling that Virus has no idea how lucky he is that he tries not to kill people in front of his kid but that since Dylan's not there he's going to rip Virus' helmet off and eat his brain. Sneering that he hasn't forgotten that Dylan's all alone either, Virus grabs Venom and slams him through a flying car. As they plummet towards the ground, Eddie asks the Venom symbiote if it could manifest some wings, the symbiote replying that it's hard to think and focus. Eddie mentally telling the symbiote to do something since webs aren't affective against Virus, Venom snarls that every time Virus mentions Dylan adds another hour of pain before Venom kills him. The symbiote replies that it's trying but there's too much interference from the Hive Mind, telling Eddie that it's trying to connect to it without alerting the other symbiotes to their presence. Activating his boot rockets, Virus - cocooned in webbing - slams into Venom and then blasts him with a point-blank Unibeam, snapping that Venom has no idea of the pain Venom caused him. Venom snarls that he'll just keep adding it on, but Virus breaks free of the webbing. As Venom manifests wings, Eddie asks the symbiote if it's OK; the symbiote replying that it's busy learning things from the new Hive, and that they're capable of so much more than they realized. Venom slams into Virus and drags him headfirst down the side of a skyscraper, Eddie asking the symbiote what it's doing as it goes quiet on him. As Venom tells Virus to just give up, the armored vigilante breaks free and shreds Venom's wings with a barrage of weapons-fire; Eddie urgently calling out to the symbiote. Replying that it's there, the Venom symbiote tells Eddie that it was busy learning. As Venom web-swings away, Virus pursues him; Eddie asking the symbiote if it learned anything that could help take down Virus. As the symbiote tells Eddie to give it control, Virus slams into Eddie and blasts him with another point-blank Unibeam, smashing him into the ground. As the symbiote urges Eddie to get up, Venom's arm transforms into a tentacle-lined energy cannon - Eddie noting that it feels like they're going to explode. As Virus dives towards him, Venom fires a massive beam of energy that sends Virus through the side of a skyscraper, remarking that that was unbearably painful but nevertheless awesome.

As his hand returns to normal, Eddie hears Dylan call out for help and looks around, the symbiote telling him that they're hearing Dylan through the Hive Mind. As Venom manifests wings and takes off, Eddie complains that he has no clue what's going on - the symbiote replying that it's confused too, as it hasn't been this close to a Hive-Mind since it was spawned. Retracting his wings, Venom lands on the roof to see Dylan in the custody of the Avengers - all of whom sport his white spider-emblem on their suits. Scowling, Captain America - who doesn't recognize Venom - orders him to separate from his symbiote and place his hands on his head. Confused, Eddie retracts the symbiote from his face but Captain America still doesn't recognize him; angrily repeating the order for Venom to remove his symbiote and submit to being arrested. Dylan tells Eddie that he can sense something is wrong with the Avengers; Captain America and Venom cutting him off as they grow increasingly confrontational. Just as Captain America orders the Avengers to attack, Virus climbs onto the roof and blasts them with a repulsor beam. Sneering that he told Venom he couldn't escape, Virus boasts that it would take an army to stop him, trailing off as he belatedly notices the Avengers glaring at him. Taking advantage of the distraction, Venom grabs Dylan and leaves; Virus stating that his fight isn't with the Avengers but with Venom, and that he's not even from this dimension. Captain America snaps that if Virus' home universe has a Captain America than he'll know it's not his choice who his fight's with, ordering the Avengers to attack.

As they web-swing away, Dylan protests that they can't just leave the Avengers to fight Virus by themselves, but Venom says they can and they will; adding that the Avengers seem perfectly capable of holding their own. Overwhelmed, Virus surrenders and tells the Avengers to turn him over to the police. Preparing to shield-bash him, Captain America snarls that they don't do police anymore and that rulebreakers face justice at the hands of the Hive's leader, Codex. Remarking that he told Captain America that his fight wasn't with them but that he's always wanted to kill an Avenger, Virus activates his gauntlet's sonic cannons and destroys Captain America's head and torso. Rather than falling over dead, however, Captain America reforms - revealing he's a symbiote in humanoid form. As Virus stares in shock, Captain America grins - now sporting fangs - and remarks that anti-symbiote technology is illegal and that he's earned himself a trip to the Hive. As Thor and She-Hulk apprehend Virus, Iron Man looks around and wonders where Venom and Dylan went.

In the underground network of S.H.I.E.L.D. tunnels, Dylan asks Eddie where they are. Bluntly telling Dylan to keep moving, Eddie mentally notes he has a point and asks the Venom symbiote if it knows anything - recalling that Virus had said they're not in their home universe anymore. The symbiote states that it's too busy trying to hide them from the other symbiotes; Eddie sarcastically thanking it for its help. Dylan offers to try talking to the Venom symbiote, but Eddie bluntly refuses; saying that what they need to do is lie low and find someone who can help them. Suddenly blinded by a bright light, Eddie shields his eyes as the Venom symbiote tells him someone is there. As Eddie transforms into Venom, seeing a trio of silhouettes, the foremost silhouette speaks in a distorted voice and tells Venom and Dylan to come with them if they're enemies of the Avengers.

At Our Lady of Saints Church - now the headquarters of the Hive - Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man drag Virus into the nave. As Virus regains consciousness and demands to know what's going on, Codex tells the Avengers to silence him. Slouched on a throne where the church's altar should be, Codex asks who Virus is and why the Avengers have brought him to the Hive. Thor replies that Virus possesses anti-symbiote technology and is a human cyborg whose armor doubles as life-support. Standing, Codex - a man with platinum-blond hair, grey skin, and clad in black-and-red armor with a red dragon emblem on its chest - commands the Avengers to remove Virus' helmet. As Captain America complies, Codex raises an eyebrow and incredulously states he has no clue who Virus is.

Shielding his eyes, Venom demands to know who the three silhouettes are and what's going on. The foremost silhouette retorts that Venom must be new there and asks where he comes from; Venom replying that they'd never believe the truth before asking how he knows he can trust them and how they found him. Noting that Eddie is mostly human, the foremost silhouette says they sensed him, and that they're the only symbiote-augments left not taken over by Codex's Hive. As Venom asks if the speaker is the leader of an Underground Resistance, the silhouettes step forward to reveal they're a trio of Agent Venoms; the foremost Agent Venom replying that's kind of true but that the Resistance doesn't have leaders. Shocked, Venom asks if the foremost Agent Venom is Flash Thompson, Agent Venom being confused and revealing that in this world Eugene Thompson had become President of the United States before Codex overthrew the government. As Agent Venom says Venom really isn't from around there, Eddie asks who Agent Venom is. Agent Venom interrupts and tells Venom to reveal his identity first; Eddie retracting the Venom symbiote from his face and introducing himself and Dylan. Shocked and delighted, Agent Venom unmasks to reveal that she is none other than Anne Weying.

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