Spectacular Spider-Man #168, 169 & 170 Spidey VS The Avengers (1990)

Spectacular Spider-Man #168, 169 & 170 Spidey VS The Avengers (1990) Spectacular Spider-Man #168, 169 & 170 Spidey VS The Avengers (1990) Magazines & Comics

Spidey VS The Avengers & inked by Bob Sharen, Sal Buscema & Rick Parker

#168: Spider-Man arrives at the construction site where Avengers Mansion is currently under reconstruction. His arrival sets off the alarm, drawing out the Avengers. When Captain America asks what Spider-Man wants, the wall-crawler explains that he has come looking for She-Hulk. When She-Hulk arrives, Spider-Man sucker punches her leading them to come to blows. However, the other Avengers step between the pair and subdue them both. Having heard Spider-Man's claims that She-Hulk tried to kill him, Captain America asks him to explain himself.

#169: Unaware that they are being observed by some unknown being, Spider-Man meets with the Puma, Prowler, Rocket Racer, and Sandman. When the group asks why they have all been called together, and Spider-Man reminds them that they had all worked together in the recent past. He then explains that he has gathered them together in order to go up against the Avengers.

#170: At the construction site of Avengers Mansion, Spider-Man and the Outlaws wait for the Avengers to return to their headquarters. Unaware that their actions are being observed by a mysterious figure. When the Avenger's Quinjet lands, Spider-Man tells his allies that they should keep a particular eye on She-Hulk. Spider-Man takes the lead by ambushing the Avengers.

These Copper Age Comics are in Near Mint Condition and are a Great Investment & Addition to any collection.

Publication Date: September 10th, 1990 to November 10th, 1990
Copper Age Comics
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