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English language reprints of stories from the long-running Italian comic Topolino. These are not straight adaptations, but parodies inspired by the original classics. Starring Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Uncle Scrooge and the rest.
Approximate reading age: 8 to 15.
For sale individually or as a lot.

1. Donald Gulliver's Travels – Good condition
2. Donald Duck Around the World in 8 Days – Very Good condition
3. Ducktargnan and the Three Musketeers – Very Good condition
4. Mickey Mouse and the Knights of the Round Table – Very Good condition
5. Daisy Duck in the Wonderful World of Oz – Very Good condition
6. Tales From One Thousand and One Nights – Very Good condition
7. Donald Duck and the Count of Monte Cristo – Good condition
8. Donald Duck on Treasure Island – Very Good condition
9. The Adventures of Mick Sawyer – Very Good condition
10. Uncle Scrooge Journeys to the Centre of the Earth – Very Good condition
11. That Missing Candelabra – Very Good condition
12. Donald Duck in the Lost World – Very Good condition
13. A Christmas Quackarol – Very Good condition
14. Donald Hamlet, Prince of Dunemark – Very good condition
15. The Importance of Being Don-Earnest – Good condition
16. Othello, the Moor of Duckland / The Taming of the Duck Scoundrel – Very Good condition
17. Donald’s Odyssey – Very Good condition
18. The Strange Case of Mickey and Mr Mike – Good condition
19. Two Quacky Love Stories: Donaldo and Daisetta / Goofy and Cleopatra – Very Good condition
20. Duck Quixote – Good condition

Prices (including postage)
€7 for one
€6 each for two or more
€45 for the lot (€2.25 each)

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