Comics - Amazing Spiderman Collection 26 Issues

Comics - Amazing Spiderman Collection 26 Issues Comics - Amazing Spiderman Collection 26 Issues Magazines & Comics

Comics - Amazing Spiderman Collection 26 Issues

vol 1 #546-567, 574-576
2nd appearance of Mr. Negative (Martin Li)
1st appearance of Sasha Kravinoff
1st appearance of Lily Hollister as Menace
1st appearance of Paper Doll (Piper Dali)
1st appearance of Screwball (Unknown)

#546-551 - "Brand New Day Vol 1"
This is it, Arachnophiles! The most pulse-pounding piece of four-color fiction to be delivered unto the Mighty Marvel Minions in decades! You asked for more Spidey! You demanded it! And, by Buckley, you're gonna get it! After the devastatingly heartwarming events of One More Day, Peter Parker puts the past behind him and sets forth on a Brand New Day! Spidey's new status quo gets a swift punch in the gut with new villains, new friends, and some familiar faces that promise to make Peter's life messier than ever before. This is where it's all happening. Same Old Power. Same Old Responsibility. Brand New Day!

#552-558 - "Brand New Day Vol 2"
Spider-Man's Brand New Day continues, with more all-new adventures. Two new creative teams join the fray as writers Bob Gale (the Back to the Future trilogy) and Zeb Wells (Heroes for Hire) rock Spidey's world along with new artists Phil Jimenez (New X-Men) and Chris Bachalo (X-Men). Peter confronts major changes at the Daily Bugle while New York is under siege by a blizzard, and a new villain, Freak, rampages through town. If he hopes to stand a chance against this new threat, Spider-Man is going to have to enlist the help of his New Avengers teammates as well as the mysterious all-new adventurer Jackpot!

#559-564 - "Brand New Day Vol 3"
The Daily Bugle, New York's trashiest tabloid, has just hired the sleaziest, most muckraking, lowlife paparazzi of them all... PETER PARKER?! Say it ain't so, True Believer! Also, J. Jonah Jameson finds inner peace and harmony...(Hey, it could happen! Maybe.) All this and the first-ever livestreaming super-villain: Screwball! Plus: It's web-slinger vs. wall-crawler as we answer the question - who is "The Other Spider-Man?" It ain't comin' down to another clone saga, is it?

#564-567 - "Kraven's First Hunt"
Her name is Sasha Kravinoff! She's Spider-Man's newest and most terrifying nemesis - and she just discovered his secret identity. With an army of villains at her command, even with the help of Daredevil, can Spidey protect his secret identity from his new foe? Find out as Marc Guggenheim and Phil Jimenez give you the fight of Spidey's life against the Brand New Kraven!!!

#578-579 - "Family Ties"
Mr. Negative uses the hitman Hammerhead to unite the streets so he can be the next big crimelord and rule the Mafia families but Spider-Man shows up and things get sticky.

Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra #1
BRAND NEW DAY: EXTRA!! takes a deeper glimpse into Spidey's new world with three stories that flesh out his family, friends and foes, stories that will affect Spidey deeply over the coming months. Spidey Braintrust members Guggenheim and Wells welcome Joe Kelly (DEADPOOL, Superman) for a one-shot marking the return of one of Peter's most unforgettable enemies: Hammerhead! It's a sign of things to come...and it's looking deadly.

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