Action Comics ! Issues 848 - 856 ! 9 Issues ! Superman ! 2007 ! by DC Comics !

Action Comics ! Issues 848 - 856 ! 9 Issues ! Superman ! 2007 ! by DC Comics ! Action Comics ! Issues 848 - 856 ! 9 Issues ! Superman ! 2007 ! by DC Comics ! Magazines & Comics

Title: Action Comics

Author(s): Fabian Nicieza, Allan Goldman, Ron Randall

Publisher: DC Comics

Date: 2007

First Printing: YES

Comic Age: Modern

Issue #: 848-856

One year ago...

With the loss of his powers, Clark decided to put his energy and focus into being more of a reporter. He hopes that they will return but wants to do something rather than just sit and wait. On the verge of a story, the Daily Planet doesn't want to back it up. Clark says the Nyasir government is against missionaries and there have been reports of a mysterious new metahuman there. Without a name, picture, or comment from anyone, the Planet can't justify sending a reporter over there.

Lois tries to make Clark feel better by saying at least they didn't kill the story. Clark says they might as well have. She asks if he's concerned about a metahuman getting involved in religious affairs. Clark says no but deep down he is. He thinks that there's a fine line between having a belief, sharing a belief, and imposing a belief.

One month ago...

The missionaries and villagers in Nyasir believe in "Redemption." The government's army has arrived telling the meta that he is not welcome. Redemption replies that he answers to a higher authority. He says the Sakira tribe has decided to follow the beliefs of the First Church of Redemption. The laws of Nyasir prohibit the freedom of religion but he asks them not to try to arrest them, for their own safety. The men begin shooting and Redemption is able to block the bullets with a force field. His eyes begin to glow and there is a bright blue flash. The entire army has been obliterated.


Superman has gone to Nyasir and looks over the blasted area. Even though the missionaries said the government shot first and that the metahuman was protecting the tribe from oppression, Superman is concerned. Anyone that can obliterate twenty-two acres in a single blast, kill all the soldiers, and protect the villagers around should be able to control that power and prevent this kind of destruction. Superman scans the Earth's electromagnetic field to follow the energy signature of the meta. The power used left a rupture in the spectrum and he is able to trace it back to the United States. He is somewhat surprised that it ends in Valley Falls, Colorado.

Superman notes that Valley Falls is similar to his hometown of Smallville. The power seems to stop directly over a house. Using his x-ray vision, he sees a family praying in their living room. The son, Jarod, is asking for forgiveness for having "killed them all." His parents try to console him. Jarod says he couldn't control his power. There were so many people believing in him and he couldn't help it. He said it felt like a tidal wave. Superman checks his heartbeat and breathing as he says this. He can't tell if he's lying or if he believes he's telling the truth. So if his powers are based on others believing in him, does that make him responsible?

As Clark Kent, he visits the church in town. The small church reminds him of when he was a kid and whole town would show up. He notes that the church is still run by the man that bought it in 1949 by Matthew Hightower and that he is eighty-five years old. Clark introduces himself as a reporter. Hightower right away figures that he's there about the missionary family in Nyasir. Clark mentions that he's also there about Jarod Dale. Hightower's heart skips and Clark can smell sweat forming on his hands. He says he doesn't see what one has to do with the other. Clark brings up Redemption. He asks if it was a good idea to send a metahuman into a potential conflict. Hightower says that Jarod is the foundation of strength in their community. The service is due to begin as the congregation arrives. He says they can continue the conversation afterwards and that he is welcome to stay for the service.

Hightower changes his sermon (Clark saw his notes on the pulpit). He talks about the Samaritans as a metaphor for those hiding among them pretending to support their cause. Clark gets that he's trying to make him feel guilty. Clark doesn't want to be the enemy here. He feels so many similarities between himself and Jarod. Even their parents are similar. He wonders if he cold offer to help Jarod control his power of if that would make things worse.

After preventing several accidents and injuries around the world, Clark returns home. He tells Lois his frustrations. Lois says that even he made mistakes when he was first learning to use his powers. Clark says that his mistakes never cost people their lives.

Back in Nyasir, the government army returns to the Sikara tribal lands. They say that they've been watching them and know that their protector doesn't live among them. He apologizes but says they were warned and he has his orders.

In Metropolis, the news reports that there is a rampage in Nyasir. Clark flies off as Superman knowing it is already too late for the missionary family. He can hear the gunshots and explosions and hopes he can get there before Redemption. In the capital, the city is in flames. Citizens are running as the government shoots at them. Redemption has arrived and is not happy. There is another flash of blue light. This time the soldiers are still alive. Their guns are gone and they are surprised. Redemption seems surprised also. Superman looks at Redemption telling him, "This ends now.

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