Macbook Pro

2018 MacBook Pro 13-inch Grey
Apple Mouse
Apple keyboard
32” Curved Samsung LED TV

All cables and adaptors to get you going.

All the equipment is within 6 months to a year.

Laptop has never been used.

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Foxrock, Dublin
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3 weeks ago

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4 weeks
@maxooooo: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
4 weeks
PM purposes.
4 weeks
@maxooooo just looking to sell my one but thanks for the offer.
4 weeks
It’s a 2017 MacBook Pro 13” flawless condition 128 cycles. 8 gb ram 128 gb ssd. All boxes receipts etc... check my listing.
4 weeks
Mate would you consider a change for my MacBook (almost brand new as well it’s a 128gb) and cash your way. I need more storage to dual boot windows so if you would be interested we could chat further. Thanks.
1 month
@Sol_Man good luck with the search
1 month
I can offer 1200 Euro for the (Laptop & mouse & keyboard). This is my best offer if you would accept. Thanks
1 month
@Sol_Man yes
1 month
Both mouse and keyboard are magic, Right?
1 month
Still available:
1 month
check your inbox
1 month
@Sol_Man 512gb ssd
1 month
Thanks, once I know the SSD size will place my offer.
1 month
@Sol_Man yes it has a Touch Bar
1 month
I didn’t understand last message?
1 month
@Sol_Man yes sorry no photos
1 month
with touch bar, right?
1 month
@Sol_Man 29 cycle counts. SSD I’ll check later. I have recipe on email only and have no box as I purchased it in US
1 month
Hi, SDD size plz? Cycle count? do have a box, a receipt?
Can I give offer for the Macbook separately?