MacBook Air 2019 True-Tone Retina

Working but has passcode on it
No charger so suitable for Parts Only
Got it of a fella and never told me passcode
So please don’t ask.


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Drogheda, Louth
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4 weeks ago

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3 weeks
Guys if you don’t want to buy it then please find a MacBook Air 2019 elsewhere don’t comment trying to get better deals I’m selling as as for parts just don’t want to take it apart. All of you just wish it’s a simple fix and get a killer deal but stop chancing your selfs there some one out there who will need parts for his own Mac
3 weeks
You said to me: ''I’m selling it for Parts not repairable what ever you do is your choice I’m not interested if someone is trying to fix or what ever I’m selling it for Parts that’s it''

I asked you a simple question - spec it was working and did you see it working?
I don't mind how you like to sell it for parts or as a fixable unit but I do really like to know what I'm paying for. I can get Macbook air 2019 in basic spec for as little as 350£ and if yours have the same spec I'm not interested. This what you like to do it is a SCAM/stolen computer you don't even know what you are selling.
Good luck with that.
3 weeks
@skearon I’m selling it for Parts there passcode before os
3 weeks
I'm not around today, back in Dublin tomorrow. Did other buyer turn up and power it on to find pass code requested before MacOS starts to load?
3 weeks
@skearon you still interested
3 weeks
NOTICE : MacBook is only for Parts !
3 weeks
Still available:
3 weeks
is ok, if I not fix it skearon you can buy it send your contact
3 weeks
@skearon well if you would be willing to come today then yes I would have accepted your offer, gladly.

If fails I’ll let you know if still interested.

Sorry about that.
3 weeks
I offered you more, have large and 100% feed, yet you accept a lesser offer from someone with a single feedback?
4 weeks
i pay petrol please 480 i go now
4 weeks
@anubass €500 I meant make offer €500 and I accept
4 weeks
i ready to go accept and i go with money
4 weeks
@anubass €509
4 weeks
accept I come now
4 weeks
@userfree it’s out of charge and have no charger to double check
4 weeks
Can you put picture what it shows when asking for password?
4 weeks
I come now to buy
4 weeks
Meet on Monday as away for weekend, see my feedback
4 weeks
@anubass €520 today last