Stolen/reward On Safe Return Of Woofie

SUBSTANTIAL CASH REWARD ON SAFE REWARD OF WOOFIE ,NO QUESTIONS ASKED !My dog Woofie,a black Labrador cross ,approx 14 years old STOLEN,,he has been seen around Marine Village , Ballina and Ardcoillte housing estate,Co Tipperary.
Raheen woods centre Tuamgraney,Co Clare ,he is originally from Meath.His brown collar and ID tags were removed and returned back to us,he is now wearing a red collar and is much Skinner than his orginal photos,he is a very friendly dog,loves to play ball,he adores kids and loves water.if anyone sees my dog can they please secure him and make contact with killrush/Ennis gardai station or send me a comment here please,woofie went to stay with my mum with a relative on the 20th March 2020,when I went to collect my mum and woofie ,he had gone missing on the 15th May 2020.We were informed that a man has our dog and has possibly mircochipped him to his details so therefore Woofie is now classed as a STOLEN DOG ,His family are missing him and are offering a reward on his safe return asap! Please call me on 086 400 85 66 ,thank you everyone for your help

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Batterstown, Meath
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1 week
@scooby27 hi there if you wish to make direct contact with me ,my number is on the advert,but please note INVESTIGATING is on going and there are things I cannot discuss because of legal reasons,I hope you understand ,thank you !
1 week
@georgedaisy hi there ,it was reported to killaloe but because gardai and failure of duties, GSOC are investigating them ,our case is being dealt with in Ennis gardai station,
1 week
Which Garda station did you report your dog stolen??
1 week
Something not adding up about this story.Why did you send your dog away for 2 months if you love him so much? Who steals a 14 year old dog? How did the perpetrator know where you live to send his collar back? If you know where your dog is why don't you go down and look yourself?
1 week
@jlow1 thank you so much for your help,it's much appreciated.
1 week
Can you send me your number I have a pic of a similar dog that I’ve seen on his own my number is zeo eight six 3 5 one six 0 5 four
1 month
@georgedaisy Woofie is reported as stolen to the Gardai, investigation on going
1 month
Hi tell me what are the Garda saying about this??🤔🤔
1 month
In photo 2 and 3 you can see Woofies collar was removed,his collar was sent back to us ,you can see Woofie is now wearing a red collar,and is much Skinner and smaller now, please if you see woofie please return him home to me and his family ,we have all his documents ,medical records, etc to prove he is ours ,we are offering a substantial cash reward upon his safe return.thank you everyone!
1 month
Hi everyone we have been told by some locals that woofie is now wearing a red collar,he is alot Skinner than the photos we have of him,woofie has a white mark on his chest,he has white / grey fur on his face,paws and undercarriage from age,he loves kids and plays ball,when he is nervous his back legs shake,he has been seen around DH tyres Tuamgraney, please if you see him secure him and contact me, Woofie is stolen,he has been away from his home in co Meath from the 20th march 2020,please anyone from this area can you watch for him,thanks ,
2 months
@Majord Thank you so much I really appreciate it,I live in co Meath I'm not from killaloe,so I'm relying on the lovely people down there to watch for woofie,we miss him so much,family is not complete without him,thank you for your kindness ❤️
2 months
I will definitely do all I can to help this situation. I walk alit and have passed this on to my new neighbours and friends xxx no reward needed, don't be silly !
2 months
@Majord Hi there woofie was taking to Ballina on the 20th march 2020,on 15th may when I went to collect him from marine village Ballina he was gone,he is stolen it has been confirmed and reported ,person who stole him got him mircochipped to his name, woofie is orginally from co Meath ,he is just gone 15 years ,but in good health,please if you see him straying around can you secure him and contact me,I'm happy to pay for his keep and give a reward .he is very friendly,thank you for your help,
2 months
Hi there, i only moved to the area. I'll keep a look out and call his name. When did this happen and why do you think? Best wishes
2 months
2 months
@georgedaisy thank you so much ,I hope so too,he's on borrowed time,want him to send whatever time he has left with his genuine family who adore him.
2 months
I’m so sorry to hear that, I do hope you get your friend back soon 🙏🙏
2 months
@georgedaisy hi there my dog was stolen,the person who has him ,has got him mircochipped to his details and is refusing to give him back to his family,woofie is now 15 years old, investigation on going.
2 months
Hi did you get your lovely dog back 😥
4 months
@Amina321 hi where abouts in Dublin please ,can you send photo ,thank you