Stolen Dog

Brown and whiite pointer x springer spaniel female 8 years old neutered vaccinated and microchipped. Was taken to deise animal sanctuary in knocknaree co.waterford to be fostered and now ex friend of 8 years took it upon herself to rehome her permanently without permission and without any forms being signed She is very much loved. Reason she went to deise to be fostered was because of having to have a operation. I thought that she could be trusted obviously not. Could be anywhere in counties Waterford, Tipperary, or wexford areas. Please keep a eye out for her. She was taken to deise animal sanctuary to be fostered and not rehomed. Whoever manages to get her back or find her and bring her back to me in portarlington co.laois. will be rewarded. The woman also has her vaccination card. Thanks for reading and hopefully help me get Gillie back.

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Comments & Requests
5 days
@mia.101: I am distressed over this to say the least she is my therapy dog
5 days
@Catherine09: the microchip company have flagged her as stolen
5 days
@vi4kapti4ka: Yes I have her microchip number and certificate. She is flagged as stolen by the microchip company.
5 days
Hi, do you have ur microchip details? You can trace the dog via that. Obviously she has been taken to vets at least ones during this time and vets usually check for microchip, if the person was to change details on chip. U should have been notified. I know this coz have friend working in vets and also had pets all were microchipped. And when i had to give a dog to a friend, i got notified by text that someone tries to change details.
3 months
@mia.101: she has been gone 10 months. Gardai are not interested. She is microchipped. Last seen in co. Waterford
3 months
@Catherine09: she was last seen down co.Waterford.
3 months
Laois dog warden in ballacolla should be able to trace the
3 months
The poor baby ... god I dont know what I'd do if anything like this happened to my two :( I'm absolutely shocked reading this I do hope your okay and you get your fur baby back
4 months
@Youth MTB: thanks for your kind words. Gardai are not interested. Solicitor says she has been dog napped. Gardai don't care they just say go get her back how stupid are they.
4 months
Contact the gardai if she is microchipped they can help you get her back. I wish you all the best
8 months
@P mark no
8 months
Did you get your dog back
8 months
How much
10 months
She is at deise animal sanctuary. I now need help to go and get her back fuel costs will be paid
10 months
A man called Martin claims to have her in loughrea co.galway. I don't believe him he comes up with too many excuses. I believe Gillie is still in the clonmel area
10 months
This dog is on done deal as well under lost and found marked stolen
11 months
This dog is also advertised by michaelamc12 in clonmel. As millie a collie called millie. This dog is stolen her name is GILLIE. She is a pointer x springer spaniel nothing like a collie. Please don't request unless you are a friend of mine and can help me get her back.