Puffy white&grey cat reward

LOST CAT WHITE & GREY PUFFY is missing in Limerick city center. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped. He could be picked up and recognized as a stray cat. It is possible he could be relocated too. Please contact me with any sightings or information if you see white and grey male cat. He is the most adorable and loving pet. I miss him so much! Please help! Update: Puffy was seen by the river Shannon around Ennis Rd, Limerick city. Please share add and look around. Thank you!

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Limerick City, Limerick

4 weeks ago

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Comments & Requests
1 week
When can i have can u prop them ill.pay u
3 months
@johnmaggie: thank you
3 months
Ah. Sorry. I hope you find soon. I’ll keep a look out on the pages.
3 months
@johnmaggie: I checked it wasn't Puffy.
3 months
@johnmaggie: Thank you! Now I found :)
3 months
Put ‘Catsaid’ into google search + you should get it there.
3 months
@johnmaggie: Hi I checked and there is nothing available. There is only account Cat said but account is not available.
3 months
It’s ‘Catsaid’
3 months
@johnmaggie: Thank you for letting me know.Could you tell me which FB page? He could be taken to a house but he is microchiped. Thank you.
3 months
A photo of a cat on Facebook catsaid page looks like this cat, although it may not be the same.
It’s not a lost or found post, it’s about people taking cats in out of the cold weather. Just thought I’d mention so you can check.
11 months
@waterfordcitygirl30: I really dont know what happened. It disappeared suddenly. However I have feeling someone must have him and doesn't want to give back. It's so sad. I have two other cats but Puffy was extremely loving and special He was very very social and real friend. He was always waiting for me when I was back form work....:(. I hope he is save and in ok. I think of him every day. My youngest Princess is missing him and still waiting at the doormat looking at the door....:(.
11 months
Ah god I'd say so. I've been looking back at comments and see I've been commenjnting the lazy 7 or 8 months. Was thinking the other night about you did the cat come back. You poor thing. I'd say it's to Early to even think of getting another cat?
11 months
@waterfordcitygirl30: No sign, I am heartbroken :(.
11 months
Aww still no sign? That's aweful hope you are OK