Missing dog

Please help me find Dora she has been missing now 16 days she is a big white German Shepard she is 3 years old and shy ❤️❤️

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Milltownpass, Westmeath
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3 months ago

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2 months
I’m so sorry to hear that. Hopefully she will be returned to you. I will pray for her safe return.
2 months
@Rooney1973 not yet we are offering a reward now for her safe return
2 months
Have you found Dora yet?
3 months
Beautiful girl. I really hope you get her home.
3 months
@Cat_in_a_hat is that the location for sat nav
3 months
R14W738 it was at the crossroads
3 months
That must b terrible, hopefully u find her.
3 months
@Cat_in_a_hat thanks she has been missing 20 days now her name is Dora if it is her
3 months
I live close enough if I see the dog again I will take a pic, it looked like it was looked after so didn’t think it was a stray. Thought it just got out from someone’s garden, I was driving
3 months
@Cat_in_a_hat do you live near that area to try get a photo of you see it again could be in hiding with the weather
3 months
Barrowhouse just outside of Athy, I didn’t think much of it just thought a local dog got out, there was a jack Russell type dog with it as well
3 months
@Cat_in_a_hat what is on its own do you have any pics or location of what part
3 months
Seen a dog today on the road outside of Athy that looked like this dog
3 months
@Fleadhceoil thank you for your help
3 months
Aw beautiful dog I will keep an eye out so sad I'd hate to be missing my dog I live near canal and walk everyday along it so u never know