Missing Cat - Reward If Found!

Lexi is a female calico cat. She responds to her name but is weary of strangers and new places. She went missing on 16-07-2020. She never dissapears like this.

She is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. I just want my baby back home. We hand raised her since she was 5 weeks old and had to bottle feed her. She is part of our family and we just want her back home.

She loves dogs, as she grew up around our German shep/collie mix and has often up to dogs that visit us to cuddle and play with them. I'm extremely worried that a dog might have attacked her if she walked up to one and it wasn't cat-friendly.

She is mostly white and has three black spots on her back and mostly black tail. She also has a lot of ginger patches, including who over her eyebrows.

If anyone has seen her, please let me know. We live in Mungret in Limerick but we don't know how far she might have gone. This is the first time she has ever been gone for more than a few hours.

REWARD TO WHOEVER FINDS HER AND BRINGS HER HOME. We are getting desperate and are hoping to see our baby before Christmas and safe from the harsh winter weather.

Thank you in advance!

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Limerick City, Limerick
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Comments & Requests
2 weeks
Hi - WE ARE OFFERING A REWARD TO WHOEVER FINDS OUR GIRL AND BRINGS HER HOME SAFELY. Christmas is just around the corner and the weather is getting more severe. We are not losing hope that Lexi is found.
1 month
@t-shirt12 thank you
1 month
Really hope you find her
1 month
We went around patrickswell multiple times over the course of the last few months and have had no luck finding our Lexi. We are absolutely heartbroken but we aren't losing hope yet. She is microchipped and we will keep looking further until she is found
2 months
Did you go out there and find her
2 months
@hkhkhl I plan on going right after my partner is back from work, so we can drive down there :)
2 months
Are you going to
Look for him today
2 months
@hkhkhl no problem, I won't say :)
2 months
Just don’t tell them I said anything x
2 months
@hkhkhl thank you so so much!! Hopefully my girl will be back home in no time x
2 months
Up my the national school she was around the houses there like a black and white household I think but don’t tell them told you thanks x
2 months
@hkhkhl oh that's fantastic news!! I want to literally cry from happiness! Where abouts in patrickswell? I'm going to go look around for her during the day
2 months
Hello I’m pretty sure I seen her in patrickswell
3 months
My guys gone since end of Feb! He turned up at the vets this week. A laldy has been feeding him. She only lives roughly 3 blocks away. She is dropping him back on Fri to me. So there is defo hope for you.
3 months
@treaty80 thank you so much, I really appreciate all the advice! That's very reassuring to know - makes me a lot more hopeful.
3 months
They are never far away my guy went missing a few times and he was always a street or 2 away. A rescue lady told me that. It might be no harm to pop into neighbours and see.
3 months
@treaty80 thank you, I'm in contact with all, there is also a post at Limerick Animal Welfare Facebook page. Unfortunately we had no luck finding my baby and its been over a month. We are growing more and more concerned
3 months
Hi there I had great results with the limerick lost and found page on Facebook. Also limerick animal welfare and the feril limerick cat page
They will put it on their page and keep an eye in case she gets handed in. Hopefully she will turn up.
4 months
Your welcome
4 months
Is there anything I can do