lost cat

Lost my cat in hartstown area
He’s 2 years old
Name is Tiger €50 reward if found

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Blanchardstown, Dublin

2 months ago

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Comments & Requests
2 months
@anncostello thanks a mill appreciate the support and I’ll do that now I have bit of experience in making posters and yeah hopefully I’ll be able to find him soon
2 months
Ah I'm really sorry to hear this. Dont give up. When I lost my cat 4 times. My daughter suggested FB. She made a poster with a clear photo of my cat, my contact details. Area and date and time he went missing. If you need any help making it let me know. Cheers Ann
2 months
@anncostello no, still nothing new.... I told the vet in Blanchardstown they said they’ll post it on their Facebook as well as that I put it on the lost cats Facebook page...I went around the neighbourhood calling his name but sadly no sign of him...
2 months
Hi any news on your cat has he come home. A
2 months
Post him on Lost and Found Cats Dublin.Hope he turns up soon.
2 months
No problem. Also wait till evening and early morning and morning time call his name out gently. This is nearly always the time he come to eat. If you have a micro chip on him ring the vets. My cat went missing four times. Really stressful. Sometimes I think people thinks hes stray and take him in. Hope you get him home soon. Ask in your post if locals would check their sheds. Cheers Ann
2 months
@anncostello on the market place? I will try this and thanks for the advice appreciate it
2 months
Have you tried posting on facebook. My cat was found this way. Hope you find him.