lost cat

Friendly , black cat

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Kilcock, Kildare

4 months ago

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Comments & Requests
3 months
3 months
Please Accept request so that I can pm you with cat photo.
3 months
@links906 yes Please
3 months
Hi can I send you a pic of the cat we just adopted. Really the image of this one. Maybe it's yours..?
3 months
@RCallaghan thank you so much
3 months
This little one is a boy, about 1 year old, fully black with some white hairs on his chest, fairly small tail, tiny meow. I've had a black cat running through the garden & eating my cats food - honestly not sure if the one today is the same that's been coming here for a few weeks. Different is, usual black cat has legged it whenever I would go outside - today I went out with a piece of ham and the little boy started meowing and came over to me - ate ham and wanted rubs. Had seen your ad so tried bringing him inside, but he jumped down. Anyway, I will keep an eye out and try to take a photo next time I see him and can send it to you.
3 months
@RCallaghan It’s a male cat , about 1 Year old . He disappeared a week ago
3 months
Hi, is your lost cat a male/female? How old? When did it disappear? Asking as live 1km outside kilcock (on bridestream) and little black cat has been showing up in my garden a few times the last few weeks - eating my cats food.