Lost Cat in Ballina Cloghans

I haven’t seen my cat, Sushi since Monday night which is very unusual since she never goes far or this long. I am especially concerned as she may be pregnant. If anyone has any information at all please get back to me, it is also very appreciated if you could share the posts from the Ballina SPCA and Mayo SPCA’s Facebook. My contact number is 0894976909

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Skye Babcock
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Ballina, Mayo

7 months ago

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4 months
Maybe if there are cameras around where u live u could maybe see what happened to ur cats
4 months
@Amina321 you never know. our other cat went missing around the same time also and we would hear screeches that sounded foxlike at night around that time
4 months
Oh no a fox took our rabbit too but I don’t think they take cats
4 months
@Amina321 yeah we’ve checked everywhere, we assume a fox took her. :(
4 months
Did u maybe check secretive places maybe ur cat gave birth and is hiding her babies and she’s with them
4 months
No sorry 😢hope u find her
4 months
@Amina321 no i have not, do you have any information? missing her dearly
4 months
Did u find her
5 months
Sent there
5 months
@lucky2002 yeah, do you have facebook? my names skye babcock
5 months
A cat turned up at my house yesterday, she’s here again very similar to yours. Is there a way I can private message to send pictures
5 months
@lucky2002 unfortunately not. do you have any information?
5 months
Did you find her ?