Cat missing since 01/01/2020

Grey kitten, 8 months old, not neutered, with a collar with his name and my number. Firhouse / Knocklyon areaPlease, help me to find Chase

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Firhouse, Dublin

about a day ago

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Comments & Requests
about a day
If its missing for that long, probably Chase has new home, if there was a collar why nobody rang you
about a day
Hope you find him! Hes adorable. Tabbies are ramblers, but smart.
4 months
he will please try what i did iwent out early morning when its quiet i grabbed his liter box and left it out then another time late night somwdays i stayed till 2 am then i asked foe help and a lady from cat rescue set a trap and got him i was devasted i know how u feel please stay stonge when he ia home safe microchip him as well
4 months
@Ter2015 nothing yet. I have posted in every site I know, called the police, put posters on shops, pubs and bus stops... I hope he will come back home soon.
4 months
any update . did you manage to put an ad on fb
4 months
just early morning or night go look for him and leave his litter box out he will get the smell and come back
4 months
also please put he ad on facebook like ... lost and found cats . i am sure you will find him not to worry
4 months
@Ter2015 Thanks for the support
4 months
i am so sorry .. please look at night and early morning my persian was lost i manage to find hi aftr ten days