Bring Cece Home

Cece is an 8 year old small Jack Russell, she escaped her family home on 7th March 2019. Her family had only moved to the house in Brookfield Tallaght 2 weeks prior so Cece was unsure of that area but does know the surrounding areas. She is chipped, neutered and wants to come home, if you see her please contact me here or on facebook page BRING CECE HOME.

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Tallaght, Dublin
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Comments & Requests
1 month
4 months
@poppy15: xxx
4 months
So sorry to hear that. The only thing we can wish is that she was found by some kind person and has a nice warm home now. Fingers x
4 months
@jumping jack flash: only seeing your comment. No, that dog is not Cece. Cece is chipped also so should be easy to scan. She is on the lost section though.
4 months
@poppy15: sadly no. Will be a year missing in March. 😢
4 months
Just come across cece.s story. Just wondering if you ever found her?
7 months
Hey this little dog isn't in the found section of the pets section is she they look very similar
7 months
@leighaj21: hi Leigha, I don't see a message.
7 months
Hi messaged you on Facebook
8 months
I’m sorry, keep hoping ❤️
8 months
im in tallaght i will keep an out for her
8 months
@Dosey: unfortunately not her.
8 months
@tashtastica: sadly not Cece. Cece is female and jrt says male. Markings are different too. Cece has a white body with 2 small brown dots near her bum and a brown patch on her bum. Thank you so much for thinking of her. Hopefully next time. Xxx
8 months
Please God
8 months
yes it looks very similar same face pattern
8 months
@tashtastica: will have a look. On Adverts?
8 months
the dog fpund i cork looks the same in adverts have a look in the found section
9 months
It was running around the park, Mountjoy Park. It was really late. I tried get closer but it was afraid and running fast. I thought that lives around.
9 months
@Bruna BP: no, not a sign of her. Could you give me some more details?
9 months
Did you find it? I saw a dog that looks like this on Dublin 1. Mountjoy square park around 2am. It was lost, but when I tried get it, it just run away.