Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 DG APO Macro for Canon

Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 DG APO Macro for Canon Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 DG APO Macro for Canon Lenses
Brand new

Very good image quality long telefoto at low price. Excellent condition. Clean glass. With hood
0.5 lifesize Macro magnification

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Variety of Canon DSLR and mirrorless bodies and lenses for every occasion, shooting scenario and budget. Also available to rent (deposit for full value). Other photo equipment (including non- Canon) can be ordered. For pricey and exclusive stuff deposit required.

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1 week ago

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Comments & Offers
3 months
Still available:
3 months
Hi just looking to pm?:)
3 months
@marythatcher so - you want it?
3 months
@marythatcher: could you place offer , so we can message in private
3 months
No problem I will take it for 130 could I collect today ?
3 months
@marythatcher: no - cant sell for 100
3 months
Perfect thanks a million would u accept €100 for this lens
3 months
@marythatcher: usually if you buy entry canon cameras they come with short range 18-55 zoom. it is very limited. For longer range ( like planes, anything further away) longer zoom like 70-300 is needeed. It is also good for portraits from further away
3 months
Thanks so much for you reply I really appreciate it. In terms of lens then is there a better one for this ideally the use the camera would get it family days out, beaches holiday, winter holidays ( northern lights ) and my 10 year old son for plane spotting .

So if I got this lens or another that you recommend for the planes and the lens that come with the camera would that do us. Thanks so much its the first camera we will be purchasing and want to do it right to suit us all
3 months
@marythatcher: Yes - this would be a decent lens for not a lot of monety to start with planes. I would recommend 2000d - it has newer and more modern 24mp sensor which translates in noticeably better resolution than 18mp on 4000D and stronger image quality overall. Also 2000d has much better screen and better materials. It feels more substantial and better made than 4000d which is extremely " plasticky". Otherwise - in terms of operation they are very similar
3 months
Hi would u recommend this for taking pictures of planes and what would be best camera to go with it the Canon 2000d or 4000d thanks
4 months
@zagamuffin: i have this
Canon EF-M 55-200 f4.5-6.3 IS STM (260EUR)
remember adapter will aloow to use any other EF lenses
4 months
Tks, prob better off getting m series lens at that cost so 👍
4 months
@zagamuffin Canon EF- EF-M adapter (100EUR)
4 months
Price with adaptors if you have one please
4 months
@zagamuffin works on M50 but you need adaptwr , like for all other EF and EFS lenses
4 months
Is this compatible with M50 and keeps autofocus etc , looking for tele lens for stater
4 months
What is best price
6 months
@DaveIoan price -130 as stated in af
6 months
Price is neg ?