Lego DC Superheroes Bulk lot X 5: 4526, 4528, 6863, 76012, 76025 (100% Complete NO BOXES)

4526: Batman (2012)

Power up LEGO Batman to take on the villains of Gotham City.

With his all-new powered-up suit, LEGO Batman uses his detective skills to track down his arch enemy, The Joker. Combine the swords to make a larger sword. Then power-up Batman’s lightning-fast martial arts abilities to put The Clown Prince of Crime back behind bars where he belongs.

• Features buildable LEGO Batman with a powered-up suit and 2 swords.

• Customize your model using the flexible building system.

• Combine the swords.

• Build bigger figures with the exclusive high friction joints.

• Combine with 4528 LEGO Green Lantern for an even bigger Batman.

• Collect all of the LEGO DC Universe characters: 4527 LEGO The Joker and 4528 LEGO Green Lantern
• Stands over 8” (20cm) tall.

The set is 100% complete with all 42 pieces and instructions.

4528: Green Lantern (2012)

Protect the galaxy with LEGO Green Lantern.

LEGO Green Lantern uses his powered-up suit and awesome power ring to protect the galaxy. The ring gives him special powers, like flying, travelling through space, speaking alien languages and creating objects of solid energy like the morning star. The galaxy is safe with LEGO Green Lantern.

• Features buildable LEGO Green Lantern figure with a powered-up suit and power ring.

• Includes the morning star construct.

• Customize your model using the flexible building system.

• Build bigger figures with the exclusive high-friction joints.

• Combine with 4527 LEGO The Joker for an even bigger Green Lantern model.

• Collect the other DC characters: 4526 LEGO Batman and 4527 LEGO The Joker.

• Stands over 7” (18cm) tall.

The set is 100% complete with all 40 pieces and instructions.

6863: Batwing Battle over Gotham City (2012)

Stop The Joker from dropping ‘toxic laughing gas’ on Gotham City.

Hanging on a ladder below his helicopter, The Joker prepares to bomb the citizens of Gotham City with toxic laughing gas. Swoop Batman down in his ultra-fast Batwing to save the day. Can the Caped Crusader use the flick missiles to send The Joker spinning off into the sunset? Or is all of Gotham City in peril? You decide.

• Includes 3 mini-figures: Batman, The Joker and henchman.

• Vehicles include The Joker’s helicopter and the Batwing.

• The Joker’s helicopter features henchman pilot, 4 flick missiles, rope ladder and ‘toxic laughing gas’ bomb release function.

• Batwing features 2 flick missiles and bomb release function.

• Release the bombs.

• Includes comic book.

• The Joker’s helicopter measures 7” (20cm) long.

• Batwing measures over 8” (22cm) wide.

The set is 100% complete with all 292 pieces, 3 mini-figures and instructions.

76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase (2014)

Pursue The Riddler’s Dragster and call in The Flash to catch him.

The Riddler has robbed the Gotham City bank and is getting away in his ultra-fast dragster. Pursue him with Batman in his sleek new Batmobile, but watch out for the bombs being dropped by the dragster. If The Riddler manages to get away, call in help from The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive! Will he arrive in time to save the day? Only you can decide

• Includes 3 mini-figures with assorted weapons and an accessory: never-before-seen Batman (with new suit) and The Flash, and The Riddler.

• Features the Batmobile with detachable cockpit and hidden flick missiles, and The Riddler’s dragster with big engine, flames, huge rear wheels, money bags and a detachable bomb.

• Weapons include Batman’s Batarang and a crowbar.

• Also includes a banana.

• Leave a slippery banana trap for The Flash.

• Throw the Batarang and send The Riddler spinning .

• Pull a scorching wheelie in the dragster and release the bomb.

• Batmobile measures over 2” (7cm) high, 7” (20cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide.

• Dragster measures over 2” (6cm) high, 6” (16cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

The set is 100% complete with all 301 pieces, 3 mini-figures and instructions.

76025: Green Lantern V Sinestro (2015)

Zoom into orbit and recover Green Lantern’s lantern.

Sinestro has stolen Green Lantern’s lantern and whisked it away to his home planet of Korugar. Launch a recovery mission with Green Lantern, in his ultra-fast construct spaceship and super-jumping Space Batman. But evil Sinestro has built a cage around the lantern and is guarding it with his staff. Fire the 2 powerful stud shooters and turn the rear control to activate 2 devastating spring-loaded shooters. Spring into action with Space Batman on the Super Jumper to topple Sinestro and explode the cage. With victory assured, leap out of the cockpit and reclaim the lantern.

• Includes 3 mini-figures with accessories: Green Lantern, Space Batman and Sinestro.

• Construct spaceship features an opening cockpit, 2 stud shooters, 2 spring-loaded shooters with rear control and translucent green elements.

• Cage features a plinth for the lantern and explode function.

• Accessories include Space Batman’s space wings and exclusive new Super Jumper and Sinestro’s translucent yellow power staff.

• Green Lantern, Space Batman and Sinestro are all-new LEGO mini-figures and exclusive to this set. Place Green Lantern in the cockpit and launch into orbit.

• Gear up Space Batman with the cool space wings.

• Target Sinestro with the dual stud shooter.

• Turn the rear control to activate the spring-loaded shooters.

• Spring open the cage with Space Batman on the Super Jumper.

• Reclaim the lantern and place Sinestro in the cage.

• Construct spaceship measures over 1” (4cm) high, 7” (18cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide.

• Cage measures over 4” (11cm) high, 1” (4cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep .

The set is 100% complete with all 301 pieces, 3 mini-figures and instructions.

I post out the same if not the next working day.

My post is registered (on Request) with the Irish postal Service (An Post) and is charged at actual cost + €1.50 for packaging. Post and Packaging is always extra to the agreed price unless stated otherwise.

I also use Parcel Motel at a cost of €5 for small parcels and €10 for medium size.

Parcel Weight is 2.645 kg

From time to time I do make mistakes (I'm only human) a set may be posted out with a part or two missing. I will correct any issues immediately.

All the sets I sell come from used lots and as such there may be play wear and small scratches on some parts, but I endeavour to send all sets in as close to their original condition.

I do accept returns, but P&P is at the buyers cost.

Please check out all my kinds of Lego goodness.

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