LEGO Animals from EUR 1 (Discounts available)
Brand new

This listing is for the LEGO animals listed below. IDs are shown in photos.

1. please use ID numbers when listing what you want to avoid confusion.
2. please see Payment and Delivery information below.

I only list new, never used parts, so these are 100% brand new. Multiples of each are available.

If you order over eur 25 worth I will post for FREE where you have paid with an An Post postal order/cash in post. Otherwise, if you wish to collect please note I can only meet if you are buying items totaling €25 or more (from any of my listings).

Prices are unit prices except where offer is for a bulk quantity eg 4 green frogs for 1 euro. For such low value pieces I only sell in bulk.

Collection may be arranged from:

• Donnybrook, Dublin 4 (weekdays between 9am and 4pm)

Payment and delivery information:

• I can only meet if you are buying items totaling €25 or more.
• I can post at actual cost but can only accept cash/postal order by post.

If you wish to discuss feel free to make a non-binding offer so we can PM.

My hobby is LEGO and I'm selling-off my surplus items and some prized possessions.

You can check everything I have listed here

If you have any questions, please just ask me.

ID Animal Price
ID 01 Snake x3 €1
ID 02 Rat x3 €1
ID 03 Bat x3 €1
ID 04 Frog (Dark Grey) x3 €1
ID 05 Scorpion x4 €1
ID 06 Spider x4 €1
ID 07 Frog (Green) x4 €1
ID 08 Chicken (White) €1
ID 09 Dog (The Grim, Harry Potter) €1
ID 10 Ant €1
ID 11 Parrot €1
ID 12 Dog - Poodle (Friends) €1
ID 13 Bunny (White) (Friends) €1
ID 14 Hedgehog (Friends) €1
ID 15 Dog (Tan) (Friends) €1
ID 16 Chicken (Tan) €2
ID 17 Cat (Grey) €2
ID 18 Dog - Chihuahua €2
ID 19 Skeletal Horse €2
ID 20 Seagull €3
ID 21 Dog (Husky) €3
ID 22 Crow €3
ID 23 Skunk €3
ID 24 Pig €4
ID 25 Clinger (alien) €4
ID 26 Monkey €4
ID 27 Alligator (crocodile) €4
ID 28 Snail (LEGO Movie) €1
ID 29 Cat (White) €2
ID 30 Bunny (Grey) (Friends) €1
ID 31 Dog (Grey) (Friends) €1
ID 32 Dog (Alsatian / German Shepherd) €3
ID 33 Snake (Cobra) €2
ID 34 Kraang €2
ID 35 Chimpanzee €2

Tags: Legos, Animal, CMF, Accessories, City, Town, Farm, Lord of the Rings, Castle, Minifig, Minifigures, Figures, Pieces, Bricks, Star Wars

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Blanchardstown, Dublin
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2 months ago

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2 months
2 months
I can’t PM you until you accept my offer, is the minimum order for postage still €25? I’m only looking for about 6 puppies, to be posted or I can collect in donnybrook any day thanks
2 months
@chris dunne:


I have updated the listing to include some additional animals. I have also added ID numbers to avoid any confusion. All the animals I have are now shown in the photos, if the animal you are looking for is not there then I do not have it.

If still interested please note the ID number and qty you want.

Please see the Collection and Payment and Delivery information. I can only meet if you are buying items totaling €25 or more (from any of my listings).
2 months
Could I collect some from you tonight.
2 months
Looking for small brown puppy and other dog figures please
2 months
2 months
Still Available:
2 months
4 months
@shaneflunz: posted this morning so you should have it tomorrow
4 months
4 months
Dod you post mine
4 months
@Gayloff: can you please make an non-binding offer so we can PM ? Thanks
4 months
May I request to buy 5 baby bunnies (white), 2x larger grey bunnies, a monkey, a hedgehog and one parrot please. What would be your best price?
4 months
4 months
@shaneflunz: yes, many types. You can make an non-binding offer if you wish to PM
4 months
Do you have any dogs in stock
5 months
Hi which shark it is the one you sell?
6 months
@Berniebee: please make an offer and we can discuss in PM
6 months
Ad relisted:
Still available
6 months
Hi I'm looking 2 cats, 1 bunny, 2 alligators, 1 badger and 2 dogs (German Shepard) & 1 of the poodles (white/purple) please