Assembled Lego Millenium Falcon UCS 75192 + Stand

Selling this massive Lego set assembled, includes the original box and instructions. It also includes a Lego stand that can hold its weight to place it for display as you can see in the photo.

Model is UCS 75192.

Only assembled once. Collection Only in Naas.

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Naas, Kildare
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1 month ago

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4 weeks
@roxana.hefferon still reserved sorry
4 weeks
Is this available?
1 month
@chelo: for now it is reserved for [email protected], will come back to you if that didn't work out.
1 month
@siskebab27: Sorry reserved for @ elkaczorro
1 month
still for sale?
1 month
If you can deliver I will give you asking price
1 month
No problem I could stretch to 470
1 month
@chelo: Thanks for the offer chelo, but it is reserved to the other user that sent me the pm for the same offer.
1 month
1 month
@elkaczorro: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
Accepting for PM
1 month
For pm will pay more
1 month
@elkaczorro: Thanks for the offer, looking for something closer to asking price.
1 month
1 month
@irene.byrne.53: Irene, not worth arguing over it, and completely understand that this is the way you see it. Just to low offer for me to sell it. Thanks for the offer though.
1 month
Good calculation Irene :D
1 month
I know its €799 in smyths at the moment. And can be got in smyths for €640 when they do there promo €10 off every €50 spent . Your set is used and not retired so thats all i would offer sorry
1 month
@irene.byrne.53 thanks for the offer but too low Irene. The set is 799€ new and includes a 100€ display stand. I have the instructions and box as well.

1 month
1 month
@maga4 sorry only interested in selling as I am moving abroad.
1 month
Hi r u after other Lego for partial exchange?