1000's games - all in one retro gaming machine
Display Size:
10" and under
Memory (RAM size):
Hard disk capacity:
200GB - 500GB
Operating System:

Complete with charger and gamepad
100 EURO or three 1 oz silver coins

Gaming Samsung for sale + brand new case

This is not windows laptop, this is emulator station with operating system to play all retro games.
Boots straight to gaming operating system, the photos in this ad show windows screenshots made before
Tousands of games from 90's
232 Gb hard drive
You don't need any tv, no cables, no converters, no boxes of cartridges - everything in one place and even more - all games are free to download

You can also learn its keyboard and use menu, settings and play games on keyboard
You can add your own downloaded games to it!

At the moment you can play:

Arcade Classics
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Family Computer Disk System (FDS)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Sega Master System
Sony PlayStation
Sega Genesis
Nintendo GameBoy
GameBoy Advance (GBA)
GameBoy Color (GBC)
Atari 7800
Atari 2600
PC Engine (CD)
Sega SG1000
MXS 1/2/2+
Nintendo 64 (N64)
Sega 32x
Sega CD
Game and Watch
Game Gear
Virtual Boy
NeoGeo Pocket Color
Wonderswan Color
Neo Geo
Odyssey 2 Videopac
Amstrad CPC
Atari ST
Sinclair ZX81
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Commodore 64 (C64)

If some of these does not appear on laptop menu - you need to add game roms and it will be shown automaticly. And you can add more emulators.
How to? - read recalbox manual
I dont have that much time to load all time games for all consoles so do it yourself

NOTE: N64 on this laptop open but not able to run - too slow. But Look my other ads for bigger samsung laptop - N64 and even Play Station works fine

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Comments & Offers
1 month
UPDATE : brand new case added with any pc bought from me. Cases still in plastics
2 months
@Stephen Power: I have bigger samsung laptop with n64 and even Ps1 games working
2 months
Oh I see. Thanks for letting me know.
2 months
This one laptop is good for anything except n64, play station and such. All megadrive genesis atari gamebiy etc work just perfect
2 months
@Stephen Power: n64 may not run at all, like on this one I am selling, you wont be able to play n64, they hang, freeze or wont even open
2 months
2 months
by using OS for retro gamesing like batocera or Recalbox
2 months
I have the same laptop, Samsung np110 but it’s slow as a blocked dike, how are you running n64 and all them on it?
2 months
@chriso1969: if you dont like all time games, tell me what ones you are looking for and i will delete all the restc
2 months
@chriso1969: No need list, there are all time games
2 months
Do you have a list of sega/mega cd games plz
4 months
4 months
That answers my question. Thanks
4 months
@Stephen Power: you said you want hdmi to tv, so I have with hdmi to tv
4 months
What kind of mini desktop PC is it?
4 months
@Stephen Power: I have mini desktop computer with Hdmi, can make same from it and you can play on tv.
4 months
@Stephen Power: no, this is to play on its own screen
4 months
Is there a hdmi port to connect it to a tv?
5 months
@Dk11: sorry, just spent to much time on it. Lot of time. Look for games online that often are just virus instead, separate them when found, remove dublicates, transfer thru network to dedicated folders on laptop, test them etc. Days spent
5 months
@Dk11: no thanks