Genuine HP Charger PA1900

Genuine HP Charger PA1900 Genuine HP Charger PA1900 Laptop Parts and Accessories

Compaq Business Notebook NC8000 Series, Compaq Business Notebook NC8100,
Series,Compaq Business Notebook NC8200 Series (including NC8230 etc).
HP/Compaq Notebook PC 8000 Series, HP/Compaq Notebook PC 8200 Series (NC8230, NX8220),
HP/Compaq Notebook PC 8400 Series (NC8430, NX8420). Pavilion DV8000xx Pavilion DV8200 (EE840AV & EE840AVR models),
DV8230ca, DV8233cl, DV8235nr, DV8275la, DV8280us, DV8293ea, DV8298xx, DV8299xx, Pavilion DV8301tx, DV8308tx,
DV8320ca, DV8320us, DV8327cl, DV8327us, DV8327ca, DV8327ea, DV8328ea, DV8328ca, DV8330us, DV8333cl, DV8339us,
DV8356ea, DV8372ea, DV8373ea, DV8375la, DV8387ea, DV8380us, DV8395ea, DV8397ea. Business Notebook NC4000 Series,
Business Notebook NC6000 Series, Business Notebook NX5000 Series, Business Notebook NX7000 Series,
(But NOT NX9000 Series). HP/Compaq Notebook PC NC2400 -NC8000 Presario M2000 -
M2500 Series Presario V2000 - V5200 Series Presario X1000 Series (X1010us, etc).
Presario X1100 Series (X1110us, etc.), Armada E300, E500, E500S, E700. Armada M300, M500, M700,
Armada Convenience Base for m300, m700, e500, e700, n400c, n410c,
n600c Armada V300, Armada 100, 100s, 100, 110s. EVO n110, n150, EVO n400c,
n410c. EVO n600c, n610c, n620c, EVO n800, n800c, n800v, n800w, EVO N1000, N8000,
Prosignia 165, 170, 190, & 800. Pavilion ZT3000 Series, Pavilion DV1000 - DV8200 Series Pavilion DV8301nr,
DV8305us, DV8305ca, DV8309us, DV8310ca, DV8315ca, DV8315us. Pavilion ZE2000 -
ZE4900 Series Special Edition L2000 - L2300 Series

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